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  1. I'm down to play after a few year hiatus
  2. Sorry if this is off topic, but I've been working on a project to update NBA Jam T.E. with modern rosters. My question is basically this - should I be afraid of any legal ramifications if I upload the entire rom? I see that the Tecmo Bowl, RBI Baseball and NHL 94 hacks are all released as roms, but I also know it's kind of a grey area thing and I don't want to be held responsible for any damages or whatever. It sounds ridiculous since it's a 20 something year old game, but I just want to cover my ass haha. The IPS patching seems like a hassle so I'd rather just release the full rom if possible
  3. Thanks everyone, after a few years of lurking the boards I'm excited to finally be a part of this great community. Cheers!
  4. Hey guys, I've been lurking around here for a while. I've really enjoyed the hacked roms that have been posted here, especially the newer ones. I've been playing NHL on Gens pretty much since I've been in the womb haha, usually give my dad a good beating at '94 when we're together over the holidays and summer. Can't beat the classics! Got the email about the leagues starting up,and I'm really looking forward to joining the B league and competing this season. Cheers!
  5. Would like to play a test game and give the GENS-B league a shot this season. Been whooping on my dad for the last 10 years so I think it's time to test my skills in the big leagues haha. AIM: Millertime2394