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  1. While the editor and I just finished our 2nd week of editing. We focused on going through the footage and picking out all the good sound bites and starting to rough cut the major scenes together. I would say we have finished about 80% of the "usable" footage. I'll be working by myself these next two weeks to got through the 10 plus hours of tournament footage, 4.5 hour Mark Lesser interview and 3.5 hour Michael Brook interview. I have the editor and suite booked for a week in December. We are on track to have a rough cut of the movie early in the new year and a fine cut sometime in March . Armed with a fine cut, I can open more doors by being able to show distributors and not just tell them about the idea. One thing that I have learned in the 2nd week of editing is just how similar the core group of fans are. Everyone has almost the very same story; Some examples I have came across (I'm not saying that everyone applies but I bet one does) 1-"I can't remember if I got it for my birthday or Christmas" 2-"Me and my Brother/cousin/friend played it for hours" 3-"The new NHL games just don't do it for me" 4-"One day I googled "NHL '94" and found this site" 5-"Most of my friends and family today don't really understand why I like NHL '94" Anyhow let me know it the comments underneath how many of these apply to you? ' I'm for sure 5/5 Cheers, Mikey
  2. Hey Segathon, I'm trying to get the swingers scene, it will be up me to raise enough cash $$$$
  3. Chaos you were great bud! Your interview looks and sounds amazing. I'm trying to figure a way to get your "Black and White" SNES story into the film... maybe animation along with some other peoples cool stories as well Oh you also commented on the weight bug using "Fleury vs McSorley" so that's making it in for sure
  4. Hey Evan! We edited and logged your interview today, I'm working on something cool to tie in your #1 fan from upstate New York. If it doesn't fit into the movie ill have the segment for online content for sure.
  5. I wish I was there. It sucks missing these events! The stream was very good and the final few games where awesome! It's looking like I will make a TV cut to unlock some funding. But the version that will be streaming will be 90 mins.
  6. Hey Guys, I just wanted to give you guys a quick update. The postproduction team and I have finished the 1st week of editing (next editing week starts tomorrow). We focused this first week on cutting and piecing the segments with the NHL players. It's a lot funnier than I expected! We also started cutting the interviews with a couple of the programmers. It's going to be tougher than I thought to keep what they are saying interesting but we are working on ideas to keep the story following and also dropping in easter eggs for the hardcore fans. That being said I will have full uncut interviews with the designers in the DVD/Itunes Extras so you guys can hear what they have to say. I don't want that stuff to go to waste. (I probably have 5 hours of NHL '94 designer interviews and I'm going to use about 5-10 mins lol). By the end of next week, I hope to start going through the interviews I have filmed with some of you guys! I have been breezing through them over the weekend and they look great. Cheers, Mikey
  7. Hey Guys, Only a couple days left before I head into the editing suite. I wanted to share the few main social media platforms I'm using to help keep people in the loop. Check them out and follow along if you haven't yet! http://www.facebook.com/PixelatedHeroes http://www.instagram.com/pixelatedheroes http://twitter.com/pixelatedheroes I have been pretty low key on the promotion side for the last year. I didn't want to let to much stuff out and lose any chance at media momentum when the time is right. It today's world news only lasts minutes. But I have been toying with the idea of keeping a production vlog on youtube to keep people up to date (spoiler free of course). Anyway if there is any sweet memes or pictures you have that I can share on these sites please share below. I'll need all the promo help I Can get!!! Cheers, Mikey WARNING SHAMELESS PLUG COMING UP! oh and if anyone is interested in my day job it's now on NETFLIX www.netflix.com/watch/80118614 or search ICE PILOTS
  8. March 15, 1992 was a Boston Celtics home game https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R2izLF_wuVg http://www.basketball-reference.com/boxscores/199203150BOS.html
  10. Really???? My money bet still might have value! How do we hail clockwise??????
  11. hmmmm. is the picture lying or are the stats wrong? If #50 is Old School cut and paste into the pic. What game/year is the pic from?
  12. My money is on it's a real picture just the color was touched up from the original.
  13. The cover image with Moog is from The Great Western Forum check out the railings in the background.
  14. Douglas Wike from the east coast around Mark Lesser. Mark hired him to do all the pixel art. NHL '94 was one of his last games that Doug had a big part in making. Mark never stayed in touch with him. It would be awesome to find him! Back to the picture you can see the '93 100th anniversary patch on the right shoulder on the Islanders jersey. (or I'm I seeing things)
  15. Update. I sent an email to Michael Brook asking about the photo, this is what he said... "Photo most likely a stock photo, or one that we had shot for us. Jogged my memory but don't remember specifics of the photo. I think we had a selection to choose from and thinking a good hard check would be the most appropriate for the game."
  16. Hey BK, What I do when I'm doing a small fun/drinking tourney is -Get a piece of paper and make a playoff bracket. -Pick the player match ups however you want. Pick any teams you want. -Play the tourney till the winner. That player becomes "Hockey Champ" -Now play a new playoff without "Hockey Champ" -The winner of the new playoff now plays 'Hockey Champ" for the title. -If the original "Hockey Champ" loses he has to play another playoff to get a chance to win the title back. As a hardcore gamer, you could sit out a few rounds and have your buds get the hang of it, the person that becomes "Hockey Champ" will be pumped!!! Let them build up their skills and then come in when ever you want or just sit back and watch the fun. This is what we did for years... on all EA Hockey games. It's a great system because you get bragging rights. It's more like boxing or MMA where you hold the title till someone beats you, and when you lose it you have to fight to get it back. So you can play it over a night/weekend or keep it going. In high school against my friends (about 10 of us that played regularly) I held Hockey Champ for a year and a half and retired champ (AKA graduated highschool) ... it was glorious. *Weird side note... we never edited the lines or used manual goalies. For some reason, it was looked down on. It was only till I started filming the doc that i saw that everyone else the world does it and its 100% necessary to win at a high level. We always tried to play the games as quick as possible i guess.
  17. That's an amazing idea... to find the original photo... hmmmm. Is the photographer credited anywhere in the game/manual? Maybe if we find the original front cover photo as well (and the photographer) that might give us some clues
  18. Ladies and Gentleman I would like to introduce to you Amory Wong!
  19. I understand your point fully. I struggle with the decision because I believe most forum people would like to go on the same journey as I did to discover the answers. If I give spoilers or answer questions the movie can loses meaning. Just like diehard fans don't like spoiler reviews before they watch the movie.
  20. You will hear the answers from the guys themselves. But just a heads up, its simple answers.
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