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  1. Announcing some additional prizes : The Gamerztek 16 Bit HD is our official SNES clone console, which can play on standard definition via composite on your CRT, or on your HD display via HDMI. The included controllers are fantastic, and they do support original style SNES controllers. This is a $50 value, and at minimum 2 of them will be given away to tournament participants! Don't worry, we're all about that CRT, but it's nice to have something like this that easily hooks up to your living room TV, or your game room CRT.
  2. @clockwise has agreed to create a custom 2v2 rom for Edge of 94 Midwest. The North Stars will replace the Dallas Stars, and real NHL94 personalities will be placed onto the teams. If interested in being put in the game on a specific team, please let me know. We hope to play this Friday the 28th. Here's what we have so far, will edit as needed: Rangers : Kingraph #1, LW Rangers #0 Hawks : EA #27, DPS#13 Trojan #79 in net Buffalo : Mort #89, Tecmo Lou #16 Winnipeg : Slapshot Sean #13 Green
  3. Just a reminder I'll be going live on the Edge of 94 Midwest Facebook page with Greg Cundari aka Angryjay93 at 9PM CST this evening to discuss the Modano Mo Problems NHL94 Tournament! We'll be talking prize giveaways, new sponsorships, and recapping some updated details as we get closer to the big day! Please follow us at Edge Of '94 Midwest on Facebook for that notification!
  4. We're excited to announce at Edge Of '94 Midwest that we've partnered with PopsicArt Shop for a special promotion leading up to our Feb 29th "Modano Mo Problems" NHL94 tournament! We approached them about adding #NHL94 based artwork, and they listened! They even righted a historical wrong by adding a Minnesota North Stars option! Don't worry, if you're a Dallas Stars fan that option is still available! If you use this special listing, you'll enjoy $5 off your purchase, and FREE shipping! Use Discount code NHL94 at checkout! This Discount code expires Feb 29th, so get yours today! https://tinyu
  5. We're happy to announce that I'll be on the Big Play Podcast Wed Feb 19th discussing NHL94 and our upcoming tournament! You can follow them on Twitter, where they stream from :https://twitter.com/BIGPLAYpodcast
  6. In our continued efforts to spread the word on this tournament, we would certainly appreciate any up-votes on Reddit to help keep this post visible.
  7. Another idea here, is to simply duplicate the monitor input via a splitter, and bind all 4 controller setups to a single PI unit.
  8. I believe what he's asking is if this can be done with only computers, not 4. There would only be one other computer joining.
  9. I'm very please to announce, that we were able to convince The Moxy to extend their hotel special rate deal all the way up to the 28th! https://www.marriott.com/event-reservations/reservation-link.mi?id=1576270773552&key=GRP&app=resvlink&fbclid=IwAR0C3RL5vaLV-fiarrD9CDbyLv08P-uuWjCorY2v1XsEcytcjjbbMh9nlyY I'm just curious how many plan to join us Friday for some 2v2 and other games. Might be fun doing a Pros + Joes 2v2 tournament if we can get at least 8 players Frdiay night.
  10. Here is a link to the 2019 SNES tournament stream from the "main stream", which has since been uploaded to the Retro Sports Gamer Channel on youtube!
  11. A friendly heads up, tomorrow is the last day you can take advantage of our special hotel rates at the Moxy Uptown! https://www.marriott.com/event-reservations/reservation-link.mi?id=1576270773552&key=GRP&app=resvlink&fbclid=IwAR0C3RL5vaLV-fiarrD9CDbyLv08P-uuWjCorY2v1XsEcytcjjbbMh9nlyY Remember a free drink, and free EXIS gaming, 2v2 and more happen Friday Feb 28th! IT'S IN THE GA
  12. Very cool bud! I think if this is to be an annual event, you should get your own dedicated NYC section.
  13. I could be wrong, but I don't think people were allowed to play both. Maybe he liked his chances winning Gens.
  14. https://images.app.goo.gl/EbhsmPkxgPzcExneA
  15. I noticed TSN, along with just about every other news company was focused on the events surrounding the death of Kobe Bryant. Did this segment air as scheduled? Anyone have a link to it online?
  16. A little flashback to last year when we were on the Game N Culture Show on WFRV Local 5. https://www.wearegreenbay.com/game-n-culture/game-n-culture-ep-5-nhl-94/
  17. More amazing prizes are rolling in! Join us right here on Facebook Sunday night for a special live stream , as we discuss how to get entered to win these signed jerseys, and the upcoming Modano Mo Problems NHL94 Tournament! (Pictures are from the auction listings, may vary slightly) We might have to rename the tournament to "Mo Broten Mo Problems!" Stay tuned for more details!
  18. I'm assuming that means you're in the Discord channel. The active players are already there, and I'm sure you can find out what's currently cooking, and what will be cooking coming soon. Welcome!
  19. We here at Edge Of '94 Midwest would like to congratulate Michael Robert Stanton and Raamayan Ananda on their victories in Vancouver this weekend, as well as Ryan Christian Ventura for keeping the #NHL94 dream alive! Both Robert and Raamayan have earned themselves free entry into Modano Mo Problems NHL94 Tournament February 29th in Minneaoplis, should they decide to claim it! Congrats again to these buds!
  20. At my own risk, I can use the old marketing material featuring Modano, which I've done and will continue to do. However, the venue is part of a national chain and won't use Modano's likeness on their own marketing efforts. We actually used a sprite of Modano's face on top of his body. Their lawyers shot it down. Again, the majority of the marketing coming from us has the traditional Modano likeness in place. Their people made this, and frankly, if you see NHL94 on the flyer, either you're all about it or not. I don't think the 8bit characters would turn me off, especially for a crowd wh
  21. I'm sure if Capcom put their heads behind a hockey game, it would come out smelling like roses. We needed something that didn't have Modano's likeness on it for mass marketing purposes, and while you can certainly say these characters were inspired by Mega Man, the powers that be in the legal department didn't see any issue with this depiction.