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  1. Hello. You can make rosters the national teams to the World Cup (8 teams) and the two teams All Stars East, All Stars West? Or tell me where to find these players Overall Ratings?
  2. dj_zagi

    NHL 98

    It is very difficult, given that I do not know English very well, I'm from Russia
  3. dj_zagi

    NHL 98

    Tile Molester is not supported .bin file((((
  4. dj_zagi

    NHL 98

    Thank you. But how to edited NHL 97??
  5. Hi/ What programs are used to create? I want to hack NHL 98
  6. dj_zagi

    NHL 98

    Hi. Game - NHL 98. How to remove a rule - 2 line pass? How to get new rosters for teams? How to add new teams? How to change logos of teams?? In general, what can be done with this game in this program?
  7. Need - add new teams, rosters, bullets after OverTime. –°lean pass through 2 lines. I will pay
  8. Hello guys. How much will it cost to edit and hack NHL 98?