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Found 5 results

  1. Hey Fellow NHLers. Im sending this out to see who might be interested in playing a league with every games played and we can have the users play on retroarch for netplay. I just started for NHL 94 CDL season 3. And this seems like something NHL95 can use as well. Drop a note here and lets get 26 guys and play a full season head to head. Confirmed/Tentative* already. Looking for 26 ideally, but 20 would work. @UltraMagnus - Kansas City Outlaws @segathon - Minnesota Mullets @kingraph - Anaheim Ducks @Heinz57 - Kolner Haie @SammieSmith33 - Minnesota Maximals @halifax - Halifax Schooners aftershock84 - Troy City Titans bombjack - California Golden Seals @Walter Sobchak/ @bclinto1 - Autobahn Autobahn @LHX - Renfrew Creamery Kings @AT ONE SIR - Binghamton Dusters @Jeelock - Pensacola Ice Flyers @leviathan - Hartford Hot Jets (tentative) @mcline88 - North Wales Whalers @wolf_of_highland - Highland Wolf @Gambi - Brantford Smoke @james4ster - Troy City Tea Baggers @gaelicgopher - Minnesota Moose @TrunzoEBC - New York EBC @Dinkleberg - Dinkleberg Dinkleberries @bclinton - Richfield Oracles .... .... .... .... ....
  2. Hello there! To get playing online, you need to join our Discord group and do a test game. Once you join Discord you can ask a Vet to walk you through setting up and playing your first game. Once you get a game in, you are "verified". Verified people can join our leagues! (Or just keep playing exhibition games, if you like...) Getting Started with Discord™ Use this invite link to join DIscord: https://discord.gg/H7vrytU <--- this may be all you need! Then once you have joined, if you need it, use this link to see our group... https://discordapp.com/channels/@me/279827632479141889 Now: 1. Click the "NHL94" logo in the left column. 2. Next, click "#general" under "TEXT CHANNELS"... 3. Now type "Can someone play me!!", or "Exis"... someone will help out soon enough.... FYI, "Exis" are what we call our pick up games...
  3. Hey guys, just wanted to know if anyone had any thoughts on when a new season is going to start up?
  4. I have never played online before, I'm a complete rookie. I've got my emulators and controller ready to play a game. I've looked through the posts and it seems that I may need an AIM account to coordinate with people. If anyone is interested in helping me get started I'd be much obliged. I can do either Gens or Snes if that makes a difference.
  5. Hello! As you can tell by the title, I am a noob. I have various skills in gaming that have been basically mastered. HOWEVER: This game is very new to me, as I stumbled across this website somehow in Google. I was reading and it's very interesting. This is a lovely ROM game but not just any ROM, but one you can play online! So I figured, why not just check it out? I clicked the link and I realized that this community is very active, looks very fun, and has a lot of communication. Back to the noob topic. I have decided to join the team (not an actual team yet) and get to know people. As best noob NA, I'm probably going to ask questions that will break your urge to b***h slap me such as: How do I download the ROM for online? What are the controls? Can I use a controller? How can I get better at this? If anyone would have the patience to guide me through the simple game-plays of this amazing community, I'm sure I would make a great part of the team. If anyone would like to chat with me via voice conference, this is the list of communications I currently have (Most to least used): RaidCall TeamSpeak Skype (Skype is 3rd because of CPU usage. AMD Sempron 145 ftw. >.>) ​Thank you for reading, and I hope to keep in touch!
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