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great game of 92


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I had a good game of 92 last night 21 fights 103 penalties and 22 goals to my dads 0 ;) oh, and I had a glitch where other player started to fight ever happen to any of you then the player did this on the way to the box :D

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Great game?

I dont mean to offend, but I just find it really strange that anyone could have any kind of fun with those kind of numbers.

- 21 Fights - I would have been annoyed and bored after the 1st one. We're not talking Street Fighter calibur fighting here.

- 103 penalties - Again, I would have been annoyed after the 1st or 2nd penalty.

- 22-0 Victory - Either you are a 92 god or your dad is just plain horrible. Any mismatch that bad can't be any fun. Might as well play a gimp with no hands or fingers.

Again, I don't mean to be rude, but how is that a "great" game? To each, their own I guess.

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Oh yes I agree, NHL'94 with no fighting is soooooo superior! hahahaha. 90% of fights don't start, unless you purposely start them yourself. NHL'94 is the best of the original 3 games, but also has the least personality of the early 3 NHL games.

Head to head on a regular Sega Genesis on a television (with no lag of course), NHL'94 is probably my favorite, but as far as netplay, I have more fun with NHL'92.

As far as graphics and music, I think NHL'93 is the best looking in the entire series.

And as far as fighting, I like it. I like NHL'92 fights. We have many league games with no fights in a single game, and occasionly have games with more than 5 fights.

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