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Fixing a small issue with NHL '97


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Both '97 and '98 are pretty good games by itself, even as they're the same game. But there's always been an issue I feel it should be addressed. Almost all of the goalies (With the exception of Patrick Roy and Guy Herbert) have their glove hands switched from their natural ones to the opposite one and it's a bit unsettling, in particular since guys like Fuhr and Puppa are right-handed yet they carry their sticks with that hand. :blink:

How do we fix this problem? Some guy at EA must have been high as s**t when he set them up.

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They probably thought that if the goalie was listed as "R" that meant he was right-handed and held his stick in his right hand.

Can NOSE open ROM's this late in the series? I forget what's supported.

Anyway, if not, you should be able to open the ROM in a hex editor and fiddle around in order to fix it. Search for a player name, then mess with the values near his name until you figure it out.

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