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....megadrive/genesis....has great controls and playability.

nice try!

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We have decided to split up Mario Kart Match Race to two tournaments. One for the new players and one for the experienced.

Right now the SMK B Tournament looks like this:






3 nhl94 players there. come on and sign up. let's find out who's the master of the noobs in smk in this community! ;)

sign up here.

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I'm totally down for tennis! But your links or website don't seem to work for me..

Any chance of seeing a super bomberman tourny??

Your opponent asked for you yesterday. Would be nice to get some more Super Tennis games in soon.

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A guy on SNESOT forum want offsides on in future tournaments. I've been talking to him about this on AIM but can't make him understand.

Maybe someone here can talk some sense into him. And why we don't play with offsides on.

Check this thread

If you want to create a SNESOT account you can do it here

BTW, would be nice if you use the same or a similiar name as on this forum.

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