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What a sad day when NHL95 came out.


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What I want for Christmas is an updated version of SNES NHL'94.

I want ultimate control in a hockey video game and SNES NHL'94 is great.

Just add Drop pass and Block shot and Roster updates for Christmas and stick it on a Play Station 3.

You guys at EA Sports in Burnaby get on that before Jeff and I come down there and straighten stuff out over there.

Fine, keep making new hockey video games.(To show off graphics)

But Jeff and I and like so many people in this community

We like the great passing ability in SNES NHL'94

and the quick goalie control (to Dive back)

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I want ultimate control in a hockey video game and SNES NHL'94 is great.

Exactly my opinion.

Sorry for bumping this old thread. I had the same opinion like most of you here (this game is bad, too fast) but after trying the PAL version (slower than NTSC version) I changed my mind. Its not bad at all. Its almost like NHL 94 from different camera view. Its got full season, one-timers are more difficult to perform - the timing must be accurate and overall its pretty good. But it must be SNES PAL and not SNES NTSC, its unplayable them. Give it another try, maybe you start liking it.

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