Your first teams, and why?

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As the topic says, thought it would be interesting to find out people's maiden team choices in the series.

Personally, the first team I chose was Calgary in NHLPA '93. Now, at this time I had no idea about the background of the NHL, past or present, but the thing that swung it for me was the blurb on the box:

'Smack a MacInnis glass breaking slap shot a little high and smash the glass behind the net - Awesome power!'

So it was settled - I wanted to break some glass. Or at least score some unbeatable goals with this unearthly force. I didn't find out until later that shots 'a little high', and perhaps 'a little wide' were most definitely part of MacInnis' repertoire, and furthermore, somewhat understated. Luckily, Gary, Joe and Theo were there to pick up the initial hail of wild rebounds, and soon I decided that it may be better off for me, team and spectators alike if the Chopper ('Dick Cheney taught me to aim') was saved for special occasions only.

After spending a good few matches with the Flames, getting to grips with the game (read: losing) and with no real allegiance to any team, I naturally checked out some of the other contenders. Along with the Rangers and Washington (who I decided must be good since they were in John Madden '92, logic?), I stumbled across a team that eventually stuck. Begin groans now, because that team was Chicago. I don't think I even need to explain too many reasons behind this one, but hey, what else could I do with my brother fronting Roy and the Canadiens as his chosen mob.

Incidentally, I scored a personal best of 12 with JR just recently on '94, which must have prompted my neighbours to think I had some kind of new male lover in my house, as I was shouting 'OHHH JEREMY!!! OH MY GOD!!' every time one flew in. They could, of course, be closet NHL players who truly realise the sheer dominance of that man in the game, but in any case, no police have arrived yet.

Despite the chopping and changing between these teams, I somehow ended up becoming a faithful Pens fan. I don't really remember the reason behind this (apart from an obvious pair of 60's), but I went on to play them in pretty much every other incarnation as my primary squad. The penguins died the day that Jagr left, but I'm a mug for supporting the no-hopers (if you know about English Football and the team I support, Aston Villa, you'll agree).

Anyhow, I think I've gone on far too much about this now, go ahead and post your experiences.

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Yeah, I was wondering the same thing about Orr playing Canada

. I became hooked on Quebec in 93 as I played such an insane amount of it, I needed a weaker team to have fair games with my buds when they came over. As low as they were ranked they actually had some secret weapons. Kamensky I believe was an animal. I always enjoyed playing as the kings too as I loved those old jerseys and Gretzky could check anybody. haha.

P.S. love reading your posts Sureshot. Very funny.

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The Chicago Blackhawks

Reason # 1 - I live in the greatest city on the Planet - Chicago.

Reason # 2 - Jeremey Roenick - Quite simply the best player in the game. Leaps and bounds above anyone else and really fun to play with.

Reason # 3 - Eddie Belfour - Shut outs are always fun.

Chicago (along with MTL) eventually became banned from use among my friends in head to head competition due to the super goalies. Fast forward to today, Chicago is the last team I would pick.

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The first team I played as was Pitt with the original NHL. Mario Lemieux absolutely rocked in that game.

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the first team i played with was either winnipeg or vancouver...what's memorable about that is that it was my first time EVER playing a hockey game and it was 94...oh yeah and i think it was like my 3rd or 4th date with evan...i wanted to see what the fuss was all about i've been hooked since :D

and i disagree with that whole chicago thing backhandfloater yes roenick is good, but shutouts are boring..i like the close games and new york is the best city...i don't like that whole wind thing that you have going on there

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I always played as Pittsburgh just because that's where I was from and they were good in real life. Now we all know how soft they are so nobody picks them.

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