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  1. I remember when Evan first bought this domain we had a different forum that got somehow deleted and was never backed up. This was when the site was first launched in '03 or '04 and if I remember correctly there were only 7 or 8 members at first. We had a fantasy hockey league and me, Evan, his dad, at least one of his brothers, his cousin and a bunch of friends who would always come by to play '94 were in on it. We would shoot the breeze and talk about the game or what was going on in the NHL, and it was a great way to keep in touch without a huge group email. On that forum I think I was the second to sign up. I think I got mad at Evan for making this forum live before I got my handle made, which is the stupidest thing that I think I have ever gotten mad over and that is saying something lol.
  2. Hey guys, As none of you already know, I really like making things. Lately I am on a kick of making blankets and pillows and such. Anyway, I had an epiphany while working on an aghan quilt on my next project. I want to make a patchwork quilt of some of the '94 sprites. Here is where you guys come in: can anybody get me a large pixelated version of the sprites with a graph over top of it so I can test my theory? Since the guy is made of squares it should be relatively easy but again I have no idea where to get a large enough template to see if it is doable. Thanks a bunch, you guys are the greatest! -Egg
  3. I just wanted to say thank you to Halifax and Mikey for setting this up. You guys went above and beyond for this and I can't even begin to wrap my head around the magnitude of this event. It meant so much to Evan, I don't think he really understood the depth of support and admiration you guys have for him and this amazing site. Sometimes I don't think he understands what an amazing thing he has done with this site and how many people he has brought joy to over the years. You guys are really the best! This was an awesome event and I hope that we can do this again next year. It was really great to meet you guys, some of you I've known for a long time online and it was nice to finally meet you in person. Congratulations to kgman on his awesome win. Everyone played amazing!
  4. I love it when Evan plays '94. It's always good for a laugh. So many funny things happen, how could you NOT like the game? It also keeps me on my game in making up creative smack talk when the computer is being ridiculous. It's the gift that keeps on giving.
  5. I have a lot of varied tastes when it comes to music but here are two songs from one of my favorite bands, Covenant. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fcReV3SdrDQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZjcMmEUSriw
  6. Quebec is the best team with Montreal in second.
  7. I guess I am more notable than active...
  8. Since TSN already has the poll up, who do you think will be the Stanley Cup Champions of 09-10? My vote is for Toronto.
  9. Position - D Handedness - Right Weight - 140 Speed - 1. I am slower than molasses on a hot day. Agility - 3. I would like to think I have good balance and such. Off.Awareness - 2. Def.Awareness - 4. I am always looking to hit someone Shot Power - 2. I'm still working on it. Checking - 2. I try but because every one on creation is bigger than me I fail. Fighting - 6. I will clean all your clocks. Stick Handling - 3. Working on that too. Shooting Accuracy - 3. I can do one-timers not much else. Endurance - 2. I get bored easy. Roughness - 5. I like to start trouble. Passing - 3. Pretty okay I guess. Aggressiveness - 5. Please see "Roughness"
  10. Though I can't fathom why...the Rangers are my favorite...
  11. I have heard rumblings that Roenick is retiring...Hopefully if he does he will be a color commentary guy on a nationally broadcast program!
  12. Thanks for putting me in for Guerin, Halifax! Those journeymen are the best picks imho.
  13. I'm in. Sounds like fun...will there be Guinness on tap and pizza at every turn???
  14. egg

    Johan who?

    Dude he just broke Gordie Howe's record that has been active since like 1948 or something. That's f'ing impressive.
  15. Clockwise, I really hope you do something graphic arts orientated for your career...You have managed to outdo yourself YET AGAIN. All hail clockwise and his godlike photoshop talent!
  16. I think it's horrible that he came back. He had the best season ever of anybody's last season and he won the Cup to boot. I think it's despicable that he waited until the Ducks looked like they would have a good chance at doing a repeat. He should have left good enough alone. The only person to do a good comeback was Lemieux...and even that may be questionable...
  17. I am gonna say the Flyers will lose in 7 games to Detroit....Seriously if Detroit does not win this year they will never win the cup again.
  18. It sounds like a good start and I really like the idea of pairing up with other players that I haven't played with before, that sounds like a lot of fun. I am guessing that you would do the usual test game procedure so I won't ask about that but I have other questions...so here they are: 1) How would the ranking work? Is it by skill or lottery or just totally random? 2) What would happen to those who can't play their games? Would there be a waiting list for people who couldn't make the first "draft?" 3) How will the teams be picked, especially if the pair can't agree on the team?
  19. Ice Storm...I think you mean self-DEPRICATION...which is to put oneself down...defecation is something entirely else and one of the more regular bodily functions.
  20. Believe it or not guys...it was the highest rated sports broadcast that day according to the Nielsen ratings...I think it had a 2.8 or something...I am not sure how that translates to new hockey fans, but it does show that there is interest out there...I do agree with Evan though I feel like the game was predictable...
  21. Well I can only really answer #1...my vote goes to awesomemerino with clockwise in a very close second.
  22. 1. Best Overall Coach - blackrock 2. Best Sportsmanship Coach - awesomemerino 3. Best Manual Goalie Coach - blackrock 4. Most Creative Coach - awesomemerino 5. Most Improved Coach - SSIG 6. Coach Who Stuck It Out Through The Hard Times - Brent
  23. My vote is a toss up between Enrico Ciccone and Chris Lipuma.
  24. Just to say something quick on this subject...and I think I am re-iterating something that was said on Hockey night in Canada (but I don't remember) The NHL is one of the few multi-billion (yes BILLION) dollar businesses that does not have a Research and Development Department. That means there is no one one going around and seeing what the fans want. Let me tell you something and I think most of you guys feel the same way: I AM SICK OF SEEING MY FAVORITE TEAM PLAY THE SAME 5 TEAMS FOR MOST OF THE SEASON (seriously Rangers vs Philly AGAIN?). I got the hockey package just to see the western conference teams play and I swear if I see the Oilers play the Avalanche again I think I am gonna just turn off hockey for a while. How can a six or eight game series (cuz that what it feels like) be a good gauge for the playoffs when most likely the team will not play someone in their divison? The sad thing is that it feels like the teams don't even play outside of their division much. In my humble opinion there should be MORE inter-conference and inter-divisional playing and less playing within your tiny little division. I was watching a Vancouver game playing against some Eastern Conference team (I can't remember the team they were playing against I want to say it was Buffalo or something) and they hasn't played that team in 4 years. That's right 4 years. The best Ranger game I went to was versus Colorado and that was three years ago. Now I am lucky since I live in the NY Metro area I have my pick of three teams to go see, but then again most of time it is versus the same team. Do I want to see the Isles play the Devils at Prudential or the Coliseum? And which of the 20 games should I go see? Tough choice. The sad thing is most areas only have one team and how horrible is that? Night after night you watch the same game over and over again it's like an even more twisted version of Groundhog Day!
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