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Classic League Newbie Quesitons

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I am new to playing online, and have joined the Classic League, but have questions. If there is a FAQ or some thread that answers these, please point the way.

1. When does the Classic League start? (I keep expecting to see a message saying it has begun, but maybe the Blitz league has to wrap up first? I expected it to begin right after the draft was complete, but like I said, I am new.)

2a. Where is the schedule? Or is it more like "play each guy in your group of 11 (I am in group B, so maybe play each member 4x, for 40 games total?)

2b. Does the order we play matter? I figure no, just play each person the right number of times? But read something about 6 game checkpoints, so maybe there is a limit of how many games you can play against the same team in a row?

I have more questions, but don't want to write a novel. Especially if there is a FAQ or something I have missed?



EDIT: Realized my math was whack.

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To see your schedule (once the league starts), you go to nhl94online.com, use the dropdown to select the season ("fall classic 2015" I assume it'll be called), then click on your team. Your games will be listed there, but just the team names, so cross reference those with the team/coach table on the left side of the screen. Click the other team name in order to find the guy's AIM name.

With 11 teams in the B leagues, you actually have 10 opponents, so you play each 4 times.

Order does not matter.

Good luck!

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