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SNES Playoffs - Round 1 - annatar v. stheds2000


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Hey bud,

I wanted to set this up because I can't play tonight or tomorrow. From Sunday I am either free or I will make time, but I know they want to move things along pretty quickly so I figure we should discuss times.

How about Sunday or Monday evening? How early can you get online? I can stay up a bit later if need be, but I'd ideally not be up too much past midnight eastern. Let me know!

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I'd also be happy to step in for annatar since he can't play tonight or tomorrow night. Stheds2000, stop by my place so we can get your series in. I'm always here to help.

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I had to adapt for sure. He plays too good defensively and is aggressive with the manual goalie. You also have to get lucky to beat Bourque 1 on 1.

Other than one period in game 4 it wasn't opening up for me, so games 5 and 6 I really tried to clamp down.

It might have been a different series though if Zombo (!) hadn't saved me from going back to Boston down 0-2.

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