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Does anybody know if there a way to control the defense pair line changes? It seems like the game just cycles through them so sometimes the third pair is with the first line. And late in the game it would be nice if you could purposely put the top pair on the ice. I wonder if it is something that could be changed in the exe file.

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Defense pair line changes work like you described, I have no idea how to control them. AI can put powerplay lines on ice in the end of the game if they are loosing. So, if someone will figure out how whole line change thing works on code, then maybe it would possible to control defense pair line changes also. I do not have enough skill for that.

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I'm fairly certain you can't select your PP lines as a user controlled team, but to answer your question with defense pairings, the way it works is that they rotate through every defense pairing in order, so defense pairing 1 will start, then defense pairing 2, followed by defense pairing three. You can't control them independently (unfortunately).

I've gotten so used to knowing how the defense pairings rotate that I can get whichever defense pairing I want on the ice with whichever line I want. You just have to quickly change lines if you want to do that.

For example...

If I start Line 1, Line 2, Line 3, I know my top pairing will be on the ice if I elect to go with Line 4, and sometimes I skip putting Line 4 on the ice.

Or, if my second defense pairing was on the ice with Line 4 and I don't want my third defense pairing out with Line 1, I'll select Line 2 or 3 (which will match my second d-pairing with them), then quickly select Line 1, thus giving me my top d-pairing with my top line.

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