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  1. I started on ESPN NHL Hockey (the first one to include historic teams), so it was after the Dreamcast era.
  2. Glad to see you guys enjoyed and still continue to enjoy the 2K games. I had a blast working on some of them and miss that experience.
  3. I know which deck of cards I'll be using the next time I play strip poker.
  4. I'll have to dig through my old roster files on my external drive, but I think I might have actual recreated accurate rosters for the PC version. Since the console versions only allowed for three forward lines, I would usually rotate the unused skaters in the secondary PP/PK units. Here are the lines the Kings rolled with during the '93 playoffs. Line 1: Rychel-Gretzky-Sandstrom-Zhitnik-Blake Line 2: Robitaille-Kurri-Shuchuk-Sydor-Huddy Line 3: Donnelly-Millen-Granato-Watters-McSorley PP Line 1: Robitaille-Gretzky-Sandstrom-Zhitnik-Blake PP Line 2: Granato-Carson-Kurri-Sydor-McSorley PK Line 1: Conacher-Taylor-Watters-Blake PK Line 2: Gretzky-Kurri-Huddy-McSorley Goal: Hrudey-Stauber
  5. Despite the fact that Anaheim and Florida were added to NHL '94 with incomplete rosters, I always attempted to recreate my own version of the 92-93 season/playoffs, with the Los Angeles Kings coming out on top of course. I was curious to see if there were others who preferred to update the lineups for teams to match what they actually were back then as opposed to loading up on one line with line changes and offsides turned off. So yeah, I was insane enough to insert Warren Rychel on LW alongside Wayne Gretzky and Tomas Sandstrom while Luc Robitaille was on the 2nd line, centered by Jari Kurri, with Gary Shuchuk on the opposite wing. As a stickler for accuracy, I couldn't help it. Anyhow, if others are interested, should we share accurate lineups of our respective favorite clubs in this thread?
  6. That's great to hear! I'd suggest publishing the link here for all other members to grab. That's very awesome of you too. Thanks a bunch!
  7. Indeed I was. I forget which year it was since I haven't played the games in so long (might have been 2K7), but we went all out that one-year with 50+ classic teams I believe. It was tons of research, like finding out info on the 1980 US and Russian rosters, and hockey teams like the old Canadiens dynasties prior to the 1970s, but I thoroughly enjoyed the project. So many hours spent working on those things, I think I have spreadsheets etched into my retina as a result.
  8. I have, unfortunately pretty much all of the sites that I can remember from those days don't function (at least the download links appeared to all be dead). That's awesome to hear! I was mostly looking at any available addon, from faces for player profiles and in-game, arenas, goalie gear, arenas, etc. I believe there was also a TV-broadcast add-on as well that altered the in-game overlays to represent whichever broadcast you choose to load. Man do I miss hockey gaming on the PC.
  9. For those interested, I was able to find a page with some of the most useful editors for the NHL PC games. http://www.dsgambelluri.ignitiondomain.com/nhlrostertutorial.html A shame that running an archive search on some of the classic add-on sites turns up no results.
  10. Glad you enjoyed it! I think that may have been our best game of the series, I was particularly happy with what we did with our franchise mode, alas, the NBA series always took priority and sadly there is no competition for EA, hence my reason to go back and revisit games that I enjoyed versus having to spend money on a slight upgrade. The fact that the game is still a port of the 360/PS3 era of games just rubs me the wrong way. The games on the current generation of consoles just looks, feels and plays like a dated game. Having played some NHL '98 and NHL '02 on the PC lately, I can honestly say that the CPU AI is far better and smarter in those games than they are in the present games. Good thing this community is still alive though to keep the tradition of fun hockey games alive, and updated!
  11. Seeing how I've grown to become disinterested with the recent NHL outings from EA Sports ("It's Still the Same!"), I had the itch to go back to what I perceive to be the second funnest hockey gaming experience I had next to NHL '94 (on the Sega Genesis of course). I got both NHL '96 and NHL 2002 running on Windows 10, and now I'm in search of any add-ons that may be available for any of the NHL PC games from 1996-2002. Luckily we had an awesome forum member archive a ton of great NHL '95 PC files, so I was hoping that maybe someone out there archived and saved some of the great add-on files that were available to us back in the glory days of hockey gaming on the PC. Funny enough, I actually used to do very detailed NHL rosters dating back to NHL '95 and I eventually wound up with a job in the industry thanks to my attention to detail . If you guys ever had the chance to enjoy the NHL 2K games and appreciated the classic rosters, that was my work You may notice a slight slant in teams that covered the NHL '94 era of teams, and that wasn't any coincidence! I'm hoping there's some underground network of NHL PC gamers who are still lurking out there...
  12. This discussion does have me wondering... I wonder if at any point in the build there was a version of NHL '94 or '95 or the PC versions (NHL Hockey or NHL '95) that had fighting within it. Fighting did comeback in the PC and console versions of NHL '96. I wonder at what point fighting was scrapped from '94. Somebody who worked on the game must be lurking these forums... spit the information out. Would be cool if EA just let the beta versions or builds of the game loose out there, but that's wishful thinking.
  13. I remember chasing the ref around after stoppages in order to get an "abuse of official" penalty. Fun times... Sadly, the first two EA NHL games did not have fighting. NHL Hockey on PC was technically NHL 94 and NHL 95 was an upgraded version of it. They brought fighting back in NHL '96 and that was their first foray into 3D pixelated graphics.
  14. I'm fairly certain you can't select your PP lines as a user controlled team, but to answer your question with defense pairings, the way it works is that they rotate through every defense pairing in order, so defense pairing 1 will start, then defense pairing 2, followed by defense pairing three. You can't control them independently (unfortunately). I've gotten so used to knowing how the defense pairings rotate that I can get whichever defense pairing I want on the ice with whichever line I want. You just have to quickly change lines if you want to do that. For example... If I start Line 1, Line 2, Line 3, I know my top pairing will be on the ice if I elect to go with Line 4, and sometimes I skip putting Line 4 on the ice. Or, if my second defense pairing was on the ice with Line 4 and I don't want my third defense pairing out with Line 1, I'll select Line 2 or 3 (which will match my second d-pairing with them), then quickly select Line 1, thus giving me my top d-pairing with my top line.
  15. I always wondered if this was a possibility, though I don't know how it would be possible for the PC given how the first EA NHL game for the PC already had fighting removed and I have no clue if there is any code for fighting in it too (and the same applies with NHL '95 on PC). Anyone have the contact info of Mark Lesser?
  16. That's awesome. Thanks again, your help is much appreciated. One other thing, which file is it that I need to export to a CSV then import into the game to use the 1998 players' stats, it is SEASON.DB or another .DB file? I used the 98rosters.zip as a basis from the NHLForever zip file that a member here so kindly archived.
  17. You sir are a life saver, whatever you did, it worked. How did you manage to get them to work? Thanks a lot for fixing them Kiba!
  18. That really is bizarre. Ah well, I guess if my primary source of playing the game is season mode it shouldn't be that big of a concern, though it is an inconvenience to have a team that doesn't work in exhibitions. I also had in instance where the game crashed when it was going to play out of town highlights, which likely was caused when showing highlights including Anaheim.
  19. I just tried it again, edited lines/rosters with NHLINFO, saved my work, tried to start an exhibition game against Anaheim (whether they are home or away doesn't matter) and it crashes. I've uploaded the DB files if anyone wants to take a look at it. Everything looks fine in NHLINFO, and it looks fine when viewing rosters within the game, but if you try to start a game with Anaheim at home or away, the game will crash. So frustrating to get this result after hours of work that I had to do twice now. Hopefully there is a solution. nhl95 (1998) rosters.rar
  20. Yep, that's exactly when the crash occurs. I did some testing around and it looks like editing lineups with NHLINFO may have caused some type of corruption, as I copied an older backup of TEAMS.DB file over to my directory and it worked fine once I did that. It is annoying that I'll have to go back and edit lines though as I had fixed the lineups for all of the NHL teams using NHLINFO.
  21. Resurrecting an old discussion since I've been on an NHL '95 PC binge of late. I have edited jerseys and rosters from the 1998 season that I've been playing with of late, however, any time I select the Mighty Ducks (home or away), it causes the game to hang/crash. Is it possible that some type of change from the JED (Jersey Editor software) could cause this? I could provide the files that I'm using (*.DB for rosters, *.BIN for jerseys/logos) if someone with further knowledge wants knows something about this or wants to look into it.
  22. Amazing work, I love it. If only they allowed fighting in 94, so many great enforcers in the game Oh btw, one slight correction on the Kings. Jay Miller should be left handed. I recall the original NHL Hockey had him incorrectly placed as a right hand shot. Also noticed Steve Smith on the Oilers with this error as well, as he should be a lefty as well. Also, Pat LaFontaine should be wearing #16, not 17. Thanks again for the great work.
  23. Do any of your NHL95 PC games remember Arild Schanke's NHL Editor? It was THE best (along with Toni Whilen's NHLINFO Editor). And do any of you remember the RTM roster/jersey pack releases for NHL95? I used to work with them doing the jersey updates. Man those were fun times. Too bad I lost all of my old NHL95 files
  24. I've attached the NHLINFO editor if you guys want to edit rosters. I think I ran across a problem with it in the past where I edited some players' shot hands and for some odd reason, all the Bruins appeared to play in over 82-games when I simmed a season (I think they played something like 255 games and they won all the awards at the end of the season!). Let me know if any of you run across a similar problem. There were some errors in the game with players being given the wrong shot hand (Kurri and McSorley on the Kings in particular). NHLINFO.zip