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Looking for Game Play footage

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Hey Guys, 

I'm back in the editing suite this month. (had to take Jan/Feb off due to the editors schedule).

I'm Just throwing this out there.

I have a list of NHL '94 and NHLPA '93 gameplay shots I need for the film. Mostly 5 to 10 seconds of specific in-game events. For an example "Gretzky's head bleeding" and "Glass Breaking" kind of shots. I was hoping someone on the Fourm here could help out. The footage can be dumped with the use of an emulator and in as high resolution as possible. I can provide a shot list and the timeline I will need them by is about 4 weeks.

As payment, I can offer you something very very special a signed copy of NHL '94 by Mark Lesser also IMDB Credit and your name in the movies credits.

If anyone can help with this just let me know in the thread or email me at mikeymcbryan@gmail.com





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My old highlights video has some fun stuff. Crazy one-timers, vicious checks, bloopers... even a few sweet goals by the CPU.  

"Ultimate Disrespect" at 3:00 where I score then check down all my friend's players (funniest part is that he keeps pressing B to become the next guy to try to check me but I knock him down immediately)

Double checking-from-behind at 4:00

Goalie ram at 4:18

Iafrate smokes a guy in the head with a shot at 5:02, sending him flying into the boards

I may still have some of the savestates, I'll take a look...



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