arcadeMTL in montreal friday oct.13, nhl94, ice hockey and blades of steel

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C'est vendredi 13 et Arcade MTL te propose une soirée de hockey comme dans l'temps. Un tournoi rétro qui se jouera sur 3 périodes dans la soirée :
️ Période 1 : Ice Hockey au NES
️ Période 2 : Blades of Steel au NES
️ Période 3 : NHL 94 au SNES

Le port du chandail de hockey est fortement encouragé. Cocktails spéciaux disponibles pour l'occasion.

- Entrée au bar : 7$
- Participation gratuite au tournoi
- Inscriptions sur place au DJ à partir de 20h
- Le tournoi débute à 21h
- Animation et musique par DJ Airic
- Tournoi LIVE sur Facebook
- Arcades gratuites
- Pinte Mario Brosse / Gin Tonic / Rum n Coke : 5$ avant 19h

• 1re place : à suivre…
• 2e place : 1 t-shirt Arcade MTL
• 3e place : 1 consommation gratuite

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I will feed this through Google translate, but an English version would come in handy!  Or are anglophones excluded? (I hear no English signs are allowed in Montreal, right?) :P

EDIT: So there is no NHL94 on GENs then, right?

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I think it's no english-only signs?

Whenever I've tried talking French in MTL, people just talk English back to me. I guess I wouldn't pass as a spy. Doubt there'd be a big language barrier.

Facebook link:

Here's the basics:

  • Friday, Oct 13th at Arcade MTL in Montreal. A retro tourney played in 3 periods during the night:
  • Period 1: Ice Hockey NES
  • Period 2: Blades of Steel NES
  • Period 3: NHL '94 SNES
  • Wearing a hockey sweater is highly encouraged
  • Bar entry: 7$
  • Free participation in the tourney
  • Register with the DJ at 8pm
  • Tourney starts at 9pm
  • Animation(??) and music by DJ Airic
  • Live stream on facebook
  • free arcade machines
  • $5 drinks: Mario Brosse (don't know what this is), Gin & Tonic, or Rum & Coke.
  • 1st prize: TBD
  • 2nd prize: 1 Arcade MTL t-shirt
  • 3rd prize: 1 free... food? drink? I'm not sure what a "consommation" (consumption) is


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