Checking Success and Weight

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4 hours ago, aqualizard said:

I know I am too old and dumb to do any quick math on the fly...)

If your not able to do the math on the fly extremely quick while identifying the player your controlling, and the player your trying to check then def take Raphs advice, and keep it simple.

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Take a minute pre-game to look at your opponents roster, look most carefully at the player's jersey #, then goto the weight.

I find staring at the #, then reviewing the weight, given all the various leagues, roms, drafts, re-numbering we go through, helps me see who I will be trying to c check or C/b check.  Looking at the name (which disappears come game time) is not as effective for me.  I need to look at the jersey number, the slot/position he will starting in, and then look at his weight.


I flip one time back and forth between my roster and their roster, because it displays weights not in Weight 3, 8, 10, etc, but in 172 lbs, 212 lbs, etc, and if you are tired asf, even converting the pounds into actual ratings can be a challenge!!!  I literally have nights I'm so shot after 14-15 hrs of work, plus putting wifey/kids to bed, that I could barely mutter my own name, much less calculate what the rating of 196 lbs vs 212 lbs is into ratings while looking at someone else's roster.  I need to see it on my team to recognize what the weight means to the rating, then convert it. 


As an older dude who excels at nailing most of my c, c/b & b checks to which opponents, I confess to needing a minute between start of games to look or I'd get lost during the game for the 1st period.  So, given I've been playing a LONG time and still need to think about who is what weight at times if my brain is shot, if you find yourself in the same boat on a given night, spend 30 seconds and study before the game the #'s & the weights and see if it helps you too.

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