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  • hello UltraMagnus, out of curiosity, are you still planning the release of AHL or will it wait for another time?  I hate to ask that question  but I was just wondering as I was looking forward to play with the Laval Rocket.  If you cancelled it, it's ok, no problem but then you sounded that the release would be imminent.  Just asking.  Thanks for your wonderful job for all the mods
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Hey Ultramagnus, I feel like giving back but have no idea to do this as I am not familiar with updating roster in a genesis bin file.  However, if it is straight data entry job for the rom, then pm me the 'recipe' on how to do it.  They are about to reconfine everything here and I need to keep active so I could do this quickly.  I would use the 19-29 roster.   Please pm me.  Cheers!!

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Fellow NHL95ers.

It has finally arrived and a few shout outs to @Jkline3for the assist on banners and @I got the puck for the roster updates (solid work my friend)



All 32 teams, including the new Henderson Silver Knights and a bunch of new changes.

  • Palm Springs Firebirds (Projecting based on the reports)
  • New playing surface
  • Updated rosters as of October 5th, 2020
  • New logos and banners (2 options below for the banners - retro and updated)

Any feedback is much appreciate.

AHL21(95).bin AHL21(95)updatedbanners.bin

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