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Running NHL '95 on your Hard Drive

Johan Emanuelsson

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Try this:

Running NHL '95 on your Hard Drive

Originally by Jan Wissing.

Since NHL '95 came on CD, it must be a really huge program, right? Wrong. This so-called major upgrade from NHL '93 has left alot of things unchanged. From more than 500 MB of storage space possible on a CD, NHL '95 only takes up 105 MB. Lucky for you, though, because if you have enough storage space, you can run the game on your hard drive! Simply copy all of the files on the CD to the desired directory on your hard drive. Then create a file called nhl.cfg with the following information:


C <--The partition you want to be running on


[...] <--Insert the text from allfiles.txt on the CD

That's all you need to do. :unsure: The major difference is that the seek time on the hard disk is much faster than on the CD-ROM. You will notice a signifiant decrease in the time spent to change screens, for example, when you're looking up statistics. Gameplay won't be much faster, though, since it does not perform disk seeks.

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These instructions were for installation on a Windows machine - to run it on a Mac, you'd need to dual-boot Windows, or run it on Dosbox. But yes, you should be able to run the game without the CD.

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thanks...I have the game and the files on my MAC, and when I open the game in DOSBox, it looks like it is about to start, only to spit out "Could not open  ALLFILES.TXT file."

I run the original NHL Hockey for PC via DOSBox without a problem, using the same method.

Any ideas, by chance?

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