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Classic '94 Fall 2007 Playoffs Round 1 Deadline!


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This email was sent out to all GENS coaches who haven't finished their series yet (Halifax sent an email out to all Snes coaches):

Gens Coaches,

Everyone emailed here has not finished their 1st Round playoff series yet. The deadline to complete Round 1 is Monday night, December 17th. Please do your best to find your opponent and play your games (and I STRONGLY suggest you play them all in 1 sitting). If you can’t find your opponent, please post in the Schedule A Game thread of the Forums so the Admin Team can see you made an attempt to find you opponent. There’s been A LOT of time for the 1st Round to be played, so there’s no excuses not to finish them.

Let’s keep it rolling and goodluck!


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Indeed I did sent out an email to the SNES coaches... if you didn't receive it...it went something like this.

"Hi guys,

Quit slacking or someone will pay you a visit...might be Tony Soprano...might be SSIG...either way finishing your games is the best option."

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