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Gens A Finals Complete

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I'm not really good at these game recaps so I'll keep this short. EA went heads up with AJ for a winner takes the GensA title. Somehow the NHL gods must have been smiling on me that night b/c I managed to beat the always tough AngryJay. Here are the results:

Montreal @ Detroit - 6-4 Montreal

Montreal @ Detroit - 5-4 Montreal

Detroit @ Montreal - 10-5 Montreal

Detroit @ Montreal - 8-5 Montreal

It was a great series and several of those scores really don't give justice to the true reflection of some of those games.

I just want to take a chance to thank all the top notch guys in Gens A for a great season. It was a privilege to play with a dedicated group of classy coaches.

As this will be skool's last season in classic (for awhile at least) I want to wish him the best of luck with his band. Please drop us a line once in awhile to let us know how things are progressing. We both know you just can't drop nhl like a bad habit... so hit me up anytime for an exhi when you get that itch.

Admins, thank you for your continued support and making these lgs and site flow so smoothly for everyone.

A special thanks to Evan for creating this amazing site. Without his dedication and passion for this game, we wouldn't be here now. Keep it up Evan, thank you so much.

Keep practicing everyone, a new season is just around the corner!

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he was def ahead of the curve of the community with capitalizing on the weight bug fix.. his gdl team was stacked to the point of no return back when!!!!

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