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  1. NHL 2017 deadline by naples39

    Thanks, man. Is it a tough process, or can any idiot with a VERY limited understanding of programming figure it out?
  2. NHL 2017 deadline by naples39

    YES!!! This is awesome. As I played through all of Naples's deadline ROMs, (yes, I'm a nerd and have played through an entire 7-game playoff run in all of them, current and throwback) this was the ONLY minor thing that bugged me just a little bit. Admittedly, I just saw this and haven't tried it...but if the songs are synced up with the right teams (as much as possible 23 years later) this will be a huge addition, IMO. Hopefully it's possible to have the correct music moving forward? And is there any way you can go back and correct it for his throwback ROMs?
  3. NHL 2017 deadline by naples39

    If anyone is interested, I've modified and attached my copy of the original Deadline 17 ROM to include this year's playoff matchups. Using NOSE, I updated 31 of the 32 possible matchup scenarios to include the correct seedings for this year's playoffs. Obviously, as the bracket is static in the game, it's impossible for all correct home-ice situations to play out correctly, though the NHL's current playoff format has at least assured that all winners will play the correct second-round opponents. However, if top seeds advance, you'll get the correct teams having home ice. Because of this, the bracket may look "weird" to you, though it plays out correctly. Because of Washington having the league's best record, (and Pittsburgh finishing second) I have the East on the right side of the screen, as if either of these two teams advance to the Finals, they'd hold home ice over any potential West champion. Also, you'll notice each conference's #1 seed is at the bottom of their bracket, as the game always recognizes the bottom team as the home team, and Chicago and Washington hold home-ice throughout. The #2 seed in each conference is the bottom team of the second matchup, as they'd be home for rounds one and two, and away in the conference Final, again if the top seeds win. As far as the non-playoff teams, I used the last possible scenario to include them, to keep the game from freezing and crashing if you cycle through them. I seeded this last "possibility" according to points, with the teams left other words, the first team out, the Islanders are the East #1 seed. In the West, unfortunately, since there were only 6 teams that didn't qualify, I had to include the Wild Card teams as the #1 and #2 seeds. So, if you're a Flames or Predators fan, you may have to restart your playoff mode once or twice, in case you happen to get this non-realistic version to load. Since there's theoretically only a 1-in-32 chance of pulling this set of teams, it's unlikely that you draw it. But if you notice Calgary matched up with Colorado or Nashville with Vancouver, cycle through again until you get Flames-Ducks or Preds-Hawks. If you're a fan of a non-playoff team, well, I'd suggest using Naples' original file, since it's pretty unrealistic to play through a bracket with 14 of the 16 teams being non-qualifiers. Sorry for being long-winded, I just wanted to explain what I tried to do for anyone looking for an accurate '17 playoff ROM without doing the scheduling work themselves. I hope it goes without saying that all of the work for this ROM was NOT done by me, rather I just changed one small aspect of Naples' Deadline 17 ROM. The only other change I made was changing Consol Energy Center to PPG Paints Arena. (Sorry, I'm a Pens fan. ) NHL Deadline 17.bin
  4. NHL 2017 deadline by naples39 are AWESOME. This is exactly what I had envisioned...though I would have gone with Crosby on the "cover." Though, I grew up about 40 minutes from Erie and am a huge Otters fan, so I'll let McDavid slide! All kidding aside, thanks so much for all of your hard work and responsiveness. This is an awesome little addition and I'd love to see it continue if you get "bored" for a bit during each season in the future! Thanks again! Great work as always!
  5. NHL 2017 deadline by naples39

    All of that makes sense. However, I guess I figured the home/away issues wouldn't be that great, considering people would likely only use the ROM to play the outdoor matchups from this season. For example, you mentioned the Flyers' black "away" uniforms, which since they also wore them against the Pens at home could double as their home uni in this theoretical ROM. I wouldn't expect anyone to play Flyers vs. Kings at Staples Center, as they could just use the regular ROM for that. I just suggested leaving the teams not affected by outdoor play alone in the ROM, since it'd likely not be worth be hassle to take them out, and leaving them there does allow to make other potential matchups. As far as the center ice logos, again you're the expert there. I was just encouraged by the awesome 50th anniversary logos you gave us this year! This whole thing is just an idea I had in my head and threw out there. Obviously, I won't take any offense if you don't waste the time to make it! Haha. But I think it'd be something cool that a lot of us would play, and (maybe) become a cool annual alternate ROM between the initial and release and the deadline one?
  6. NHL 2017 deadline by naples39

    Hey Naples, I know you put a TON of work into these updates. And, no disrespect to anyone else making ROMs, but you're the king and no one is close. I was thinking of an alternate version that I'd make myself, but I have no clue about center ice logos and I can't seem to figure out how to use NOSE to alter your uniforms. How about "Outdoor Games 17?" It'd be awesome if you'd put the outdoor game uniforms for the Pens, Flyers, Blues, Hawks, Leafs, Wings, Jets, and Oilers in their correct home and away slots. And, as maybe more of a pipe dream for someone who literally knows nothing of the process, the Stadium Series, Winter Classic, Centennial Classic, and Heritage Classic logos at center ice and change the Ron Barr/Doc Emrick text to read "Heinz Field, Busch Stadium, BMO Field, and Investors Group Field" in the intro, instead of their normal arena names. Is this possible? Obviously, the other 22 teams not affected could just stay the same as either your pre- or post-deadline ROM. It'd be amazing if you put something like this out, especially considering EA's neglect of outdoor games!
  7. NHL 2017 by naples39

    Thanks, man. Not sure how I missed the thread!
  8. NHL 2017 by naples39

    Any word on when Deadline 17 will be out? I just snagged a classic handheld Genesis, so I can't wait to get my hands on the newest update!
  9. NHL 2017 by naples39 are a God. I hope you NEVER stop doing these. They keep getting better. Unbelievable work. The accurate 50th anniversary logo for the Pens is unbelievable. Oh, and it's PPG Paints Arena now...not Consol Energy Center. (I say that 100% tongue-in-cheek, especially considering NHL 17 hasn't even changed it.) Awesome job!!
  10. NHL 2016 Deadline 1.1 by Naples39

    Awesome. I'm fired up for it. Keep up the great work! I wish you taught a class on NHL 94 editing. I'd probably pay tuition. haha
  11. NHL 2016 Deadline 1.1 by Naples39

    Thanks so much, man! I kind of forgot that I had left this comment out there, as I haven't been on here in awhile. I've still been playing through the retro ROMs, but I'm definitely playing through the playoffs with this one! Thanks for listening, as I suck too bad at editing (outside of basic NOSE edits) to help myself. Can't wait for the WC and 17 ROMs. You're killing it, project after project.
  12. Sega CD ROM not working

    Hey guys...I've been trying endlessly to try to get the ROM of the Sega CD version of the game to work, and I just can't get it to. I have both the Gens and Kega Fusion emulators on my PC and the Picodrive emulator on my PSP. Every other ROM I've downloaded works perfectly, but of course the only one I actually want to play I can't get to load at all. On any of the emulators, the Sega CD screen loads, then the Sega screen with Sonic on it. Then, the screen goes black, and nothing happens. I have all of the bios files installed in each emulator. As I said before, I downloaded a number of other ROMs, (NBA Jam, Bill Walsh CFB, FIFA) and they all worked without an issue. Can anyone help? Thanks!
  13. NHL 2016 Deadline 1.1 by Naples39

    You, sir, are the man! Thanks a lot! Just curious here...why'd you choose to "redesign" the Pens' jerseys here, versus what you used in your throwback ROMs? Admittedly, their jersey is impossible to perfectly recreate in NHL 94. Just my two cents here, (other Pens fans add your opinions?) but I liked your previous versions with the gold shoulders, rather than these ones with them absent. Of course the real ones don't have gold on the shoulders, but in my opinion, in the throwback ROMs, it looks better that way, because there is a ton of gold on the new/throwback jerseys, just on the sleeves and the body, not the shoulders. You did this in the original 16 ROM with the Pens, making the shoulders black/white, despite it being down the sides on the real ones. Regardless, you are the absolute master of these projects, and thank you for working so hard on them! Just throwing my opinion out there, since I suck at editing on my own!
  14. NHL 2016 Deadline 1.1 by Naples39

    Hey, man. I've been sort of "in and out" of the community over the years, downloading some stuff here and there to get my old-school fix, but never really participated in any discussions. Mainly because I'm mostly clueless when it comes to editing things. First off, I want to say AWESOME job with this updated project. It's absolutely amazing everything you've done with a 20+ year old game. Second, I'm a huge Pens fan and was trying to update the uniforms to reflect the real world, where as of this year's playoff run, the home jerseys are now again the throwback style (and the away ones will match next season). I changed them in NOSE, but realized right away that this also changed the colors of the logo at center ice, which made the whole thing look terrible. I guess I'm asking 1. is there a way to change jersey colors (for a modding noob) without changing the center ice logo? Or really 2. Is there a quick way you can change the Pens' home uniforms to the beautiful (then-away) ones you have on your '92 deadline mod? I know you said you were done with updates until the World Cup and then 17, but I was hoping that since they did wear those throughout the playoffs, maybe an expert like you could make one quick fix. Anyway, I downloaded all of your past "deadline" mods last night and was literally up until almost 3 am playing around with them. Awesome, awesome work, man. Not gonna lie...I selfishy wish there was a deadline ROM for every year in history! Amazing stuff. Thanks for any help.