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  1. Sucks to hear about your laptop! I just bought a new (mini) PC and I'm setting it up with all emulation stuff now. LaunchBox is a nice little program to keep everything nice and tidy...just thought it'd be awesome to have box art to make it look like all the other Genesis games on there. An NHL 2K11 update of any kind would be great! I've been playing a little 2K hockey recently and I definitely miss it. Not even as any sort of 2K fanboy, just as a change of pace to EA hockey. Glad to hear this project is alive and well! I love college hockey, but I'm without a dedicated favorite team, as I went to a D3 school and root for Pitt in D1 sports and neither has varsity hockey. I feel like a kid with NHL again, as this project helps connect me to real-life college hockey.
  2. First I've checked in on this project in months, and like everyone else, I'm blown away! A couple questions...I could totally be making this up, but didn't someone create box art for this project awhile back? If so, is there any way we can get it posted? And if not, that sounds like a great project for someone more talented than me! Haha. Also, is there an updated Discord link for that new NHL Legacy project? I'd love to check that out! Keep up the amazing work!
  3. Hey, man! Thanks for the thoughtful reply. Sorry I missed it when you sent it. I kind of pop in and out of here through the season and I missed what you sent back. As most adults, I've always got something going on that keeps me away from old school games way more than I wish! Sparing you my life story, I'm at home recovering from a surgery, so I fired up the NHL 94 ROMs for a few days here. Your ROM still plays awesome. The small graphical changes make a huge difference! As far as the Pens go, I think it's interesting that the "official" EA NHL Rewind game actually has the opposite of what you have. Not that either of you are right or wrong, it's just interesting that it's opposite. I guess it just goes to show how annoying it can be to jam a team with jerseys that don't fit the template at all into said template, even if their home and away jerseys are a simple black/white color swap. To me, the way you have it in the ROM reminds me much more of the new (old) third jerseys with Pittsburgh down the front. Those jerseys are primarily black with just gold and white stripes at the bottom. The home and away jerseys (to me, at least) are a pretty even black or white and gold split. The problem is that the shoulders of the actual jerseys are black or white and the sleeve is gold, where the game makes the sleeve match the jersey body and gives you the option to change the shoulder color. To me, I've always preferred the shoulder patches on the game being gold on both jerseys, since this pretty much splits the color of the jersey evenly between black or white and gold, which is essentially what you get with the real jerseys, even though the striping pattern is impossible to match. At the end of the day, it's your ROM and your awesome project! I'm just adding my two cents. Either way, it's light years better than the original NHL 94 uniforms. In the 93-94 season, the Pens white jerseys actually had gold shoulders and would have fit nearly perfectly into the template. On the game, they left out the gold shoulders on the white jerseys and inexplicably added red(!?), while the black ones had gold shoulders on the game, but in real life the away jerseys were the current alternate jerseys, without any gold on the shoulders at all. Stranger yet, the SNES version, which had a different jersey template, nailed the Pens jerseys with 100% accuracy, even with the different home and away jerseys.
  4. I'm loving this! I have been a loyal player of naples's ROMs for years (and will continue to be!) and this fresh coat of paint, if you will looks awesome! I, too, am a stickler for the visual details. This is the greatest looking ROM I have seen around. I'd honestly love to see the original "remastered" this way, too. As someone who notices small visual details, though, I do wonder one thing. I am a huge Penguins fan. And one thing that puzzles me is why all three of you guys have the Pens wearing different styles of jerseys home and away. The NHL 94 Genesis template doesn't do the current Pens jerseys any favors, and it's impossible to recreate them perfectly. But I wonder why all three of you have the white jerseys having gold shoulders and the black jerseys not having gold shoulders, rather just a thin gold outline. Since the actual jerseys are essentially the same with just the black and white flipped, I'm curious why the same (either way) isn't done for both home and away on the ROMs. Not criticizing...just wondering!
  5. Sounds good! Don't want you to think I was nit picking, just noticed the wrong number right away. Haha
  6. Fair enough...there's a method to your madness and I certainly won't be the one to tell you to change it! Thanks again for all your hard work! This thing is awesome, and I'll be sinking some time into playing it!
  7. This is awesome! Thanks so much for a ROM that puts all of the Winter Classic teams together! One TINY thing I found is that Ryan Whitney wore #19 for the Pens, not 18. Also, is there any way to swap the Pens and Sabres 08 uniforms? I know you already addressed the fact that this was the odd game where the home team wore white, but when you play with the Pens as the home team, it plays the Pittsburgh organ music instead of Buffalo. Thanks again for such an awesome project!
  8. This is fantastic! Thank you so much! However, I can't seem to get into a game with the Pelicans. Even though you have 10 players on their roster, I get an error message that says "Custom teams must have nine or more players in their roster for the team to be used in a game." Any idea how to get around this?
  9. Love it, as always! Thanks so much! I absolutely love the idea of having a version with the reverse retro uniforms! Just a SMALL change I noticed...apparently the Penguins are wearing their white helmets with their reverse retros after all (boo). NHL 21 just recently made this change. Any chance this version sticks around as an alternate version once I'm assuming you switch the jerseys back to the teams' "regular" ones? Also, (a pipe dream, since I'm totally ignorant as to how to do such things) any chance we could see the teams' reverse retro logos on the menu screens to go with such a version? That'd be awesome.
  10. Sorry I’m a month late to the party here, but I’m so glad to see the King back at it! No disrespect to any of the other awesome modders out there, but in my opinion, Naples’s work is the gold standard. Awesome work again this year! Another Pens fan here...the only small “mistake” I could find is that Jack Johnson changed his number from 73 to 3 this year. Simple enough fix in NOSE for me, just something tiny to throw in the next update. Hopefully we get a “Deadline 20” edition ROM this year (hopefully your life has calmed down!!). I live for that ROM every year and have played through the throwback ones with accurate playoff brackets MANY times!
  11. What an awesome idea! I know I have requested (begged, haha) Naples to make an “Outdoor” ROM the years that the Pens have played outdoor games. It would be AWESOME if someone could work up an “outdoor” rink and the ROM(s) could be done with the rosters, rinks, and uniforms from all of the outdoor games that have been played since ‘08!
  12. I'd love to see it! I'm terrible at editing jerseys and have no clue how to update the center ice logos. Not to pressure you at all or try make special requests or anything, but it'd be super cool to have an outdoor version with the different team logos from the Winter Classic and Stadium Series games, too! But my real reason for checking in was...is there a "Deadline 19" ROM on the horizon? I can't wait for it!!
  13. Hey, naples. I pop in and out of here from time to time, and I'll say that per usual, the 19 ROM is awesome! Your stuff is by far my favorite in the community. My question is...I recently put together a Rapsberry Pi to run RetroPie (from Christmas gift cards) and I'm working on loading it with all my various ROMs. Somewhere, awhile ago, I remember coming across a .zip file with all of your retro stuff on it (ROMs from various years in the 80s and 90s). I briefly searched around and couldn't find it. Do you know where I can find all of your old school ROMs, so I can put them on my Pi? Thanks for any help! EDIT: I'm an idiot. I found them. PS: With the Pens playing in the Stadium Series, what are the odds I can talk you into making another "Outdoor " ROM this year, once the jerseys are unveiled?
  14. Man...you have made my life complete with this!! I just noticed one thing that was bugging me...I changed the Ducks' helmets to blue. Haha. Thanks so much for this!! MightyDucks1.0.bin
  15. I made an edit with the final playoff tree set. Hopefully you don't mind, Naples. Obviously this is your work and 0% of it is mine. I used the 1.31 version and changed all (but 1) of the playoff matchups to match this year's real playoff bracket. Obviously as with everything in a 24 year old game, there has to be a few concessions. Here's what I did: -All but one possible playoff matchup in the game is real for 2018. -All of the non-playoff teams are in one possibility. (Couldn't leave them completely out, as it would cause the game to crash when trying to pick them for playoffs.) In this scenario, I seeded all of the non-playoff teams according to the real life standings, if the playoff teams didn't exist, except for Nashville. With 31 teams, ONE real playoff team had to remain in the West, since there are only 7 that didn't qualify. So, if you play with Nashville and notice that your matchup is Arizona instead of Colorado, back out and try again. Seattle will fix this in a couple years. -I flipped the 'West' and 'East' according to how EA matches them up, as it has always bugged me that the Western Conference is on the east side of the screen and the Eastern Conference is on the west side of the screen. Now, they show up on the "correct" side of the screen. This doesn't matter, as NHL 94 never actually refers to them on-screen as the Eastern and Western Conferences. If this bothers you, reset the matchups yourself. haha -You'll notice that the higher-seeded teams are toward the bottom of the screen, with the highest-seeded division champion in each conference at the very bottom. This is so that home-ice works properly. In NHL 94, the team listed second always has home-ice advantage. Therefore, if the seeds hold, home-ice will always play out correctly. The real-life higher seeded teams will always have home-ice as long as they advance (until the FInals). Unfortunately, the East will always have home-ice in the FInals and there's no real way around that without flipping the conferences back (as I already explained earlier). Luckily, the re-alignment a couple years back helped us out here. The game runs the playoffs as a straight bracket and doesn't re-seed like the real NHL used to. So, all of the matchups will play out perfectly, however home-ice may not work out right if a lower seeded team wins a series. There's no way around that. Hopefully this little tweak makes it easier for everyone to play through the real 2018 playoffs! It's not perfect, but it's the best we can do on almost quarter-century old software. NHL 2018 1.31 by naples39 - playoff.bin
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