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    Hey ! Why don't we create a clone of NHL'94 ? I know we don't have the source code, but we can try to create our own NHL'94 game. With all the editors and tools of the modern Age, it won't be so difficult. Let's dream ! An improved IA who can beat top players. Arena for every team, commentary, etcetera
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    I would love love love for this to exist, and would be willing to work on it long term, but it's no trivial task and I have no clue where to even begin. While we're in fantasy land though: -unlimited team number, easy to add. Probably you choose team, then roster year. -jersey selection before games -optional enhancements to 94 gameplay; pass speed, turning tightness, lane filling in O-zone for wingers to one-time from slot...etc -HD graphics to see more ice surface (full side to side view) -online play with stat tracking, league support Sigh...
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    Here's the interview. fast forward an hour to get to Hockey