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  1. I personally use a Xbox360 pad, but you can use what you want I presume.
  2. Use JoyToKey to map your keyboard with your gamepad. See the picture for an example.
  3. Ok, si tu as des questions sur les outils ou autre, n'hésite pas.
  4. Hi, Thanks for your post, I don't have a lot of free time lately but I will try to play some exis.
  5. Salut, Je peux te guider si tu veux, je pourrais aussi moder la rom mais je n’ai pas vraiment le temps en ce moment, si c'est urgent. Mais je connais bien les outils pour les compositions d'équipes, pour le visuel je ne m'y connais pas trop, mais il y a des gens ici qui sont très fort avec les logos et les uniformes. Sinon la rom, c'est pour usage personnel ou pour faire une ligue en ligne ?
  6. What's the point of all of this if we can't even test the game... Why is it so hard to make a new link with the 2KHS 0.5.1 version for PC ?
  7. Is your Saturn USB controller recognized automatically by retroarch ?
  8. PixelDragon

    NHL 87

    Yes, post it, we are always interested in new roms.
  9. Are you playing the 2-teammates mode online ?
  10. It depend what kind of hack you are looking for. Sports game and Online play ?
  11. Just discovered the site RetroAchievements . Did someone have a account ? You can find me under Pearate.
  12. Hi Everybody, Here you can find some challenge for NHLPA'93 on RetroAchievements
  13. But, is this a bug or a standard notation ?
  14. I have scored 3 PP The stats show 3/2 Is this bug known ?
  15. Nice, can you explain more about your collaboration with Stelex software ?
  16. I'm in, I play a test game or two this week, to see if my connection is correct
  17. it's part of the charm, I admit, but a bug is a bug, and need to be fixed...
  18. Ok, with the classic 94 Rosters, but, in my opinion, the "weight bug" must be fixed, and the the goalie button control must be added too... The others hacks can be discuss but this two are essential. What do you think ?
  19. Can't find it. There is another editor by snowdrift for NHL 2k8 on PS3.
  20. Yo, ! I think it's time for my comeback ! What's the project ? NHL teams, or European teams (sort of Champions Hockey League) ?
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