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  1. I didn't mention you by name, but you responded as if I did. So is it then safe to assume that you are aware you sometimes come across as a bit of a dick? Maybe you're the greatest guy in the world. I have no idea. But when you, without a polite preamble, or appreciation or gratitude, proceed to point out all the things you don't like about something that took a considerable amount of time and effort by someone who is under zero obligation to freely share their creation with makes you look like a dick. Do you not see that?
  2. Thanks Naples!! Your work is greatly appreciated. It really bugs me that people can freely download this, and then proceed to b***h about it, or just jump into the middle of a critique without bothering to even express any gratitude beforehand. I think such people should be insta-perma-banned without warning or mercy.
  3. Thanks Skip! You rom modders are the greatest! Looking forward to trying this out as always.
  4. hnfoo

    NHL 17 by Skip

    Awesome. Was wondering when you'd come out with this, Skip. I so appreciate everything you ROM hackers do.
  5. Awesome. Looking forward to this. Thanks for all the work you put into these!
  6. Thanks! I played your last version a lot, so really looking forward to spending some time with this.
  7. By chance, I came across this... Which talks about the info on a Genesis rom. For instance, in the "©T-50" from above, "50" is the company code for EA. As far as I can tell, a strict definition of the the date part, is that it is the date of the copyright.
  8. For anyone following along, who like me, know nothing about programming, but who maybe/kinda/sorta want to get started, or make a game, you might find this helpful. It's both motivating and sobering:
  9. An interesting reddit thread in the ELI5 (explain like I'm five) subreddit, about AI in sports video games. From the top rated post: "Good sports AI needs to fool you. The goal is to convince the human player that what the AI opponent did is what would plausibly happen in the real world. You want the human player to say "geez, that was good" and even "I hate this game (because it's legitimately hard)"... but not "that was stupid" or "bullshit, I hate this game because that would never happ
  10. Neat coincidence: a youtube show about arcade games that I subscribe to, released a new video today, with, what must be the variant of Discs of Tron that you remember. "Environmental Discs of Tron". Relevant section starts @4:42. This guy gives a complete tour. Looks like he has a complete/deluxe After Burner too!? That's a game I've wanted to play ever since I saw it in Terminator 2. *edit* - Hmmm. Actually, maybe these are both the same as the one in the first video? I dunno.
  11. When you load the genesis rom into IDA Pro, one of the things you see is: seg000:0100 0000008F C SEGA GENESIS ©T-50 1993.JULNHL Hockey '94 July 93? Is that what this is saying? If yes, that's when the game was maybe finalized and sent off to be manufactured? You're involved in the hacking side of things, Tru, yes? Can you shed light?
  12. Is it alright if I just keep posting relevant/related s**t in this thread? Make it like a sort of one-stop-shop for this subject? If not, someone tell me. Moving on... Here's a recent thread, with someone working on a game? If you go to the github page that he links, there's a bunch of hockey sounding stuff on it.
  13. Really old thread, but trying to nail the 94 release date down is worthwhile. Here are some more old mag scans, with even more conflicting info. September 93 GamePro. A preview of NHL 94'. Says both gen and snes versions coming in November. And keeping in mind, the issue probably came out in the middle of July (as they did/do). Now, the next issue of GamePro. October 93 (probably came out in middle of August) A review of both versions. In the "score" window, the Genesis version is listed as being available in September. The snes version, November. ht
  14. Just for fun and to keep this thread rolling... Let's say the 94 engine was re-created, from scratch, perfectly. Do you stop there? Or, do you try to improve it? Maybe you do both. Why limit yourself? Maybe you have an "original mode", and "new mode". For the new mode, what would you try to do? One, probably simple thing, I would do, would be to make it slightly easier to score with a slap shot. Like, on a PP, with a slapper from the point. In 94', rarely, if ever, are there goals like these. In 93', this happens a little more frequently. Sometimes, it was because the goalie was wa