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  1. (1) Some NHLPA roms I try work, but on others, the screen just goes black when I try to load it from the Everdrive. Anybody have a suggestion? (2) Can I use SmozROm or EARE with NHLPA? Thanks!
  2. Just to share the resolution - yes, the fatigue problem was only on the device I was using. The fatigue works fine on my new Everdrive.
  3. I am checking out the 1980 one. Wow...
  4. Nothing says 70s like a good goalie mask and the Habs.
  5. I love your ideas for retro solitaire play. One idea that I am working on in an 80s rom is to "supe up" 3 out of 5 teams in every division (4 out of 6 in the Patrick). Then I play with 1 of the 2 "regular" teams (the other regular team is left out of the playoff draws). Suped up teams have higher everything, especially shot accuracy and goaltending, but the "Super 6" teams ("juiced" teams) with almost all 99 players are the 80s Oilers, Islanders, Flames, Flyers, Bruins, and Blackhawks. (The 80s Canadiens would be a juiced team, but I made them "regular" since I personally like to play as them.) I also lower the goalie ratings for any team I use - the computer needs to score more often. The 80s rom could also include the Miracle on Ice matchup as well as the '87 Canada Cup matchup I love (Wayne + Mario vs. Soviets). Personal Touches: My own team, the Pens, are a blend of the 87-89 teams when the Pens added some good players but still had a bunch of unheard-of players playing with Mario. Obviously, this is for me, but this team could be made more "realistic" for others. My bonus teams are going to be my own roller hockey teams over the years (again obviously just part of own personal use), but I have no idea how to do center ice logos and know nothing about coding.
  6. The mix of history (capturing the look and feel of an era) and fantasy (creating a new mix of years and a new solitaire experience) is a work of art! Thank you!
  7. I play NHL Hockey Night 87 and 76 the most, but I have tried the original NHL '94 rom as well. I have been playing on the "Genesis Ultimate Portable Game Player." I am thinking now that the problem is here.
  8. Hmmm. Every ROM I tried (including "classic") had the same issue - energy drops to 0 in one or two rushes up the ice. Players become so sluggish that they are unplayable. I assumed that people had tweeked the fatigue rate, but if you have not, then either the ROMs have a glitch or my emulator has a glitch. ???? Everdrive to play ROMs on my Genesis, huh? I will check it out for sure! Thanks! (I may even join the online leagues when I am ready.) Yes, 10 players is great for subs with penalties ON. Also, I can play AUTO line changes and reuse some of the 10 in the checking line. An odd fact is that in AUTO line changes, my players do NOT shows signs of their fatigue - they stay "playable." If I want to create players to give me 15, that is no big deal (I think), but I can't play line changes ON until I figure out this fatigue issue. PS Coach Mac, I am a huge fan!
  9. Sorry if I get too specific, but here are some details as far as playing experience. I know nothing about the code that creates this experience. With manual line changes and 10 minute periods, I like to alternate my scoring lines until they need rest - then checking line must be utilized. If the top line plays a minute then rests a minute while scoring line 2 plays, the top line is almost back to full energy again. This rotation doesn't balance perfectly (play vs. rest), so the checking line comes in when needed. Basically, I like the way my genesis cartridge does fatigue, but I am ready to switch to a pi and use your historic ROMs. Thanks!
  10. I understand that some people have changed fatigue in their custom ROMs so that line changes are needed more often. However, it seems that in every single ROM I have tried, my players go to 0 energy and immobility in about 40 seconds. I love the retro custom ROMs and am very impressed with what everyone has done, but I miss the line changes that allowed me to go a minute and a half and still manage to keep energy above 0. Thank you all for your creations! Please advise a humble noob.
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