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  1. If you can't help yourself, don't expect others too. Or do you really want all the answers to your hacking questions handed to you on a plate... because you couldn't even bother to try search the forums for your answers? http://nhl94.com/forum/index.php?showtopic...ost&p=15936 ... This data relates to 94. Learn from it, the data around it, and with some small investment in time, you'll work out how to do it for 93. Its not easy, but its not rocket science. http://nhl94.com/forum/index.php?showtopic...ost&p=15936 http://nhl94.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=2935 ... In the thread (and others) where pretty much no one cared to looked into further... or even express any interests the efforts made to encourage more.... remind me why I waste my time here again? Maybe we should dust dump the editing forum after all. Don't bother. yeah right.
  2. Well I haven't had a chance to play with tracer yet but thought I might mention the existence of a few freeware file editors out there that may allow fore easier viewing of the log/text files in general. The editors mentioned are useful as they allow for syntax highlighting... meaning you could even create your own syntax rules to highlight the opcode and registers in different colors making it easier to read. I think all support bookmarking lines, allowing you to highlight potential data finds of interest, and most (if not all) also have simple hex editing features built in allowing you to have a rom open for simple hacking at the same time. My favorite is PSPad - http://www.pspad.com/ Alternatives (in order of preference): notepad++ - http://notepad-plus.sourceforge.net/ Crimson Editor - http://www.crimsoneditor.com/
  3. Did some turbo pascal back in the dos days... but no real dephi experience at all. Recently stumbled across a few open source developments that use Delphi 6 PE. So I was mildly curious to look into it purely for the fact it can create an EXE with no DLL dependencies etc. NOSE was done in Visual Basic 6. Mainly cause I could find many good examples with similar features I wanted at http://pscode.com that helped me slowly slap it together. There is a Delphi section there too. Best you check it out.. may come in handy. Did a quick bit of research for you tonight... structure seems similar to Genesis (as expected), but the header offsets to team data within each team are in Big Endian. Please note some of my notes/guesses may be wrong.... as I've never got into the SNES version to know any better (or care for that matter). Search for Hex 55000E00 to find the start header for all teams. Using LA at 0x000E3FB2 as an example (5500 0E00 7002 1D00 0E00 1300 1500): 5500 - 0x000E3FB2 + 5500 (85 bytes big endian relative offset) = 0x00E4007 (1st Goalie Player Name Byte length of 0E00 - 14 bytes until Jersey No). 0E00 - 0x000E3FB2 + 0E00 = Pallete? 7002 - 0x000E3FB2 + 7002 (624) = 0x000E4222 - 0D00 start of Team name length bytes 1D00 - 0x000E3FB2 + 1D00 (29) = best line - line changes off???????????? 0E00 - 0x000E3FB2 + 0E00 = Pallete? Same as above??? 1300 - 0x000E2857 + 1300 (19) = 0x000E286A. Bytes CBC0 - Amount of Goalies working from L to R... value > 0 = Goalie. Most likely acts as rating value of some sort too! As per the Genesis roms. Tested it within the SNES rom and worked as excepted... e.g. C000 only gave LA one goalie. 1500 - 0x000E2857 + 1500 = (21) = First line - line changes on?????? That should keep you busy.
  4. personal edition 6, 7 or 2005? just curious... re: iterating thru team players (vs dynamic variables), you should do this with a loop... by that I mean start at a team's first player, read the name length... you know the amount of attribute bytes (constant of all players) The name length + attribute bytes length gets you to the next player.... if its like the Genesis rom, you know you are at the end of the team when the next player byte name length is 2 (effectively 0).
  5. Great info there Tony... I look forward to the additional posts that will follow... Also nice to learn about the two Gens mods (hack and tracer) that I didn't know about.... can't wait to actually test it out all out soon... *sigh* oh free time... where are yee!!!!
  6. Tony H has entered the building... w00t! Just to add, posts for some of the hack finds (game genie codes) Tony H has included in his first post like disabling the the whistle when the goalie holds the puck too long (and some others you haven't been notified of yet) are on the way. I'm just going thru the process of finding the equivalent hack locations for all other years in there series before do so... hold tight...
  7. This hack allows you to control the stopping distance and turn of a skater when skating from one direction to the opposite (e.g. Up to down, left to right etc.) Normally when this occurs, the skater sprites go into the hockey stop animation. To alter the value, change the bytes 0096 (or 00B4) to ???? hex. The higher the value, the quicker a skater will pull up and turn (possibly in addition to their agility rating). A high enough value will even make the skater change directions so quick it defies Newton's law of Motion. The lower the value, the longer it takes to stop. If you set to 0001, your skater will do a huuuuuuuugggeee hockey stop... then turn (eventually). Note, if do set the value too low... even if you're facing left, then turn right, there can be a delay to respond (counter the current speed) and turn around unless you use the control-pad diagonals to speed up the process. Thanks to Tony H. for this find... not to mention the fact that I didn't even have request this one! It just came in the mail so to speak Usage: [GoodGen 3.0 ROM Name] #: $ [ROM Hex Offset]:[Original Hex Value] - Comment NHL 94 (UE) [!] $ 010E24:0096 - from Left of screen to Right $ 010E32:0096 - from Right of screen to Left $ 010E48:0096 - from Top of screen to Bottom $ 010E56:0096 - from Bottom of screen to Top EA Hockey (E) [!] $ 008760:0096 - from Left of screen to Right $ 00876E:0096 - from Right of screen to Left $ 008784:0096 - from Top of screen to Bottom $ 008792:0096 - from Bottom of screen to Top NHL Hockey (U) [!] $ 008B6E:0096 - from Left of screen to Right $ 008B7C:0096 - from Right of screen to Left $ 008B92:0096 - from Top of screen to Bottom $ 008BA0:0096 - from Bottom of screen to Top NHLPA Hockey '93 (UE) (REV01) [!] $ 00D58A:0096 - from Left of screen to Right $ 00D598:0096 - from Right of screen to Left $ 00D5AE:0096 - from Top of screen to Bottom $ 00D5BC:0096 - from Bottom of screen to Top NHLPA Hockey '93 (UE) (REV00) $ 00D572:0096 - from Left of screen to Right $ 00D580:0096 - from Right of screen to Left $ 00D596:0096 - from Top of screen to Bottom $ 00D5A4:0096 - from Bottom of screen to Top NHL 95 (UE) [!] $ 008BB28:0096 - from Left of screen to Right $ 008BB36:0096 - from Right of screen to Left $ 008BB50:0096 - from Top of screen to Bottom $ 008BB5E:0096 - from Bottom of screen to Top NHL 95 Elitserien (E) [c][!] $ 00892F0:0096 - from Left of screen to Right $ 00892FE:0096 - from Right of screen to Left $ 0089318:0096 - from Top of screen to Bottom $ 0089326:0096 - from Bottom of screen to Top NHL 96 (UE) [!] $ 001AE20:00B4 - from Left of screen to Right $ 001AE2E:00B4 - from Right of screen to Left $ 001AE44:00B4 - from Top of screen to Bottom $ 001AE52:00B4 - from Bottom of screen to Top NHL 96 Elitserien (E) $ 00185AE:00B4 - from Left of screen to Right $ 00185BC:00B4 - from Right of screen to Left $ 00185D2:00B4 - from Top of screen to Bottom $ 00185E0:00B4 - from Bottom of screen to Top NHL 97 (UE) [!] $ 001FA66:00B4 - from Left of screen to Right $ 001FA74:00B4 - from Right of screen to Left $ 001FA8A:00B4 - from Top of screen to Bottom $ 001FA98:00B4 - from Bottom of screen to Top NHL 98 (U) [c][!] $ 001FE70:00B4 - from Left of screen to Right $ 001FE7E:00B4 - from Right of screen to Left $ 001FE94:00B4 - from Top of screen to Bottom $ 001FEA2:00B4 - from Bottom of screen to Top
  8. Interesting... test that further and report back on it if you will. The values have been the same EA/92 > 95, as they are the same for 96 > 98. Kind of implies there yet another value master value that impacts on the stamina.... hmmmm.... Oh, and I forgot to add in the original post that the best ROM to test the value is either NHL Hockey (92) or EA Hockey as the Lines energy bars (showing the summary of the line's player energy total) is on screen all the time.
  9. Use 96... I think it was only introduced in 97 or 98? But who know... it may be found one day!
  10. This hack allows you to control the multiplying factor that gets applied against your current speed to when the C button is pressed and you are not in possession of the puck. The default value for all years is $20 hex (32 x) which is set via a different method, which this hack modifies. To alter this value, change the bytes EE48 to 70?? ... where ?? equals multiplying factor in hex. 7001 (1 x) effectively disables the thrust (though the animation still occurs). 7010 (16 x) halves the game default, making it less effective to chase down a break away. 7040 (64 x) makes your player zoom across the rink with bouncing off all in his way. Set it too high (7060 or above for your novelty roms) and it can cause you players to zoom backwards (wont explain why here, but there is valid reasons!). NHL 96 onwards actually have two places where you need to set this value. One is used for human controlled (star focused) player, the other is used for CPU controlled players (yes, even those on your team). Thanks to Tony H. for his assistance in this find. Usage: [GoodGen 3.0 ROM Name] #: $ [ROM Hex Offset]:[Original Hex Value] NHL 94 (UE) [!] $ 00BB88:EE48 EA Hockey (E) [!] $ 0054C6:EE48 NHL Hockey (U) [!] $ 005886:EE48 NHLPA Hockey '93 (UE) (REV01) [!] $ 0098AE:EE48 NHLPA Hockey '93 (UE) (REV00) $ 009896:EE48 NHL 95 (UE) [!] $ 00AAAC:EE48 NHL 95 Elitserien (E) [c][!] $ 007FD2:EE48 NHL 96 (UE) [!] $ 016912:EE48 - CPU controlled $ 01695A:EE48 NHL 96 Elitserien (E) $ 0140A0:EE48 - CPU controlled $ 0140E8:EE48 NHL 97 (UE) [!] $ 01B00E:EE48 - CPU controlled $ 01B056:EE48 NHL 98 (U) [c][!] $ 01B412:EE48 - CPU controlled $ 01B45A:EE48
  11. Within this post you will find three hacks effectively. The are: 1: Unlimited Player Stamina with Lines Changes On! - change 3580 to 6002 This hack stops players on the rink from losing energy. Thus effectively gives the game a mode it never had. "Line Changes: On", with the full energy arcade feel of "Line Changes: Off". Technically this could somewhat be achieved by setting the depletion rate below to 0000. 2: Player/Line Stamina Depletion Rate (Rink) - change 0021 (or 001E) to ???? This hack changes the master value/rate at which players on the rink lose their energy (together with their stamina rating). Raise the value to effectively force more line changes. Remember the value is Hexadecimal. 3: Player/Line Stamina Recovery Rate (Bench) - change 0009 to ???? This hack changes the master value/rate at which players on the bench (and penalty box?) recover their energy. Remember the value is Hexadecimal. 0009 = 9, 0010 = 16, not 10 (which is 000A). Additional Info: Within the game, each player has a $1000 hex energy total. Offsets to set this value at the start of each periods, and also the maximum recovery (also set to $1000) are known. I haven't cared to post them here as the line energy bars won't effectively draw accurately if you alter/increase these values. If anyone is interested in having all players start with less than full, or only be able to recover to 90% of the full value, let me know and I'll post it for you. As mentioned though, the line energy bars will have minor display glitches doing so, which is why I think you're just better off messing with the depletion/recovery rates to get the balance you desire. Thanks to Tony H for the initial finds. Usage: [GoodGen 3.0 ROM Name] #: $ [ROM Hex Offset]:[Original Hex Value] NHL 94 (UE) [!] 1: $ 015782:3580 2: $ 010D42:0021 3: $ 007A1A:0009 EA Hockey (E) [!] 1: $ 00CFBA:3580 2: $ 0086B8:0021 3: $ 00449A:0009 NHL Hockey (U) [!] 1: $ 00D38A:3580 2: $ 008AC6:0021 3: $ 00485C:0009 NHLPA Hockey '93 (UE) (REV01) [!] 1: $ 01136E:3580 2: $ 00D4E2:0021 3: $ 0066AE:0009 NHLPA Hockey '93 (UE) (REV00) 1: $ 011356:3580 2: $ 00D4CA:0021 3: $ 0066A0:0009 NHL 95 (UE) [!] 1: $ 07DBD2:3580 2: $ 08C1C2:0021 3: $ 07DB62:0009 NHL 95 Elitserien (E) [c][!] 1: $ 07B13E:3580 2: $ 08998A:0021 3: $ 07B0CE:0009 NHL 96 (UE) [!] 1: $ 01FB4C:3580 2: $ 01ACF8:001E 3: $ 014B04:0009 NHL 96 Elitserien (E) 1: $ 01D37E:3580 2: $ 018486:001E 3: $ 012264:0009 NHL 97 (UE) [!] 1: $ 024CEC:3580 2: $ 01F93E:001E 3: $ 0190AA:0009 NHL 98 (U) [c][!] 1: $ 02511C:3580 2: $ 01FD48:001E 3: $ 0194AE:0009
  12. Okay, so this post won't actually contain any hack information to alter the game play aspects of NHL 94 and other games in the series. Those posts will made very soon, and I'm sure even more will appear in the near future. Before I make those posts, I need to thank the one person in particular who has made finding these hacks possible. The person I refer to is Tony Hedstrom, site owner and main contributor of "The Code Hut", a site dedicated to original Game Genie codes for those retro systems we all still love. You can find his site at: www.angelfire.com/games2/codehut/ After seeing one of Tony's recent post on the Acmlm's boards which featured some new codes for the Genesis Road Rash series, I thought I'd shoot him an email and ask if he'd be willing to help find some hacks for NHL 94. Much to the overall benefit of this community, he accepted the offer. In just over a week he has already delivered on pretty much all of the requests I put through to him (and some of his own), many of which will allow the feel and balance of NHL 94 to be tweaked to ones liking even further (as Mack's NHL07 Playoff release has initally showcased). I must personally thank him for all the time spent on these find in the first week alone, as I know it things like this do take time and patience. I must also thank him for his detailed emails regarding the finds and other info he's sent to better educate me on the topic of finding/making such hacks. Of the information that I'll post, many of the offsets for values found can be pretty much credited to Tony with a bit of research on my part to confirm the finding behaves accordingly. Of the odd things I've been able to work out was only made possible by the 'explore this' information provided by Tony pointing me to the right area of the rom where the action was at. As the game engines in the NHL series are relatively similar, I've also been able to take the NHL 94 finds and use it to find the equivalent offsest in all other roms in the series. As such, most codes will be given for most years. When a good collection of these finds have been made, I'll most probably get a round updating NOSE to allow for such items to be edited within. For those still running real hardware and wanting the actual Game Genie codes for such finds, please be sure to check Tony's CodeHut site, as I believe that information will be added soon. Before some get carried away and think Tony is our man to add fighting to 94, or manual goalies/one timers to 93... don't get too excited. Such hacks is a whole different kettle of fish complexity wise.. and would require a serious devotion of time... and still not guarantee success. I don't even know if he'd want to try go that far, and if he didn't I wouldn't blame him! Let the fun begin... (yet again). Post re: Player's energy, [C] thrust/check etc are one their way... Thanks Tony! Not bad for a guy who first played NHL 94 when I asked you to find some codes for me! PS. For those who may have any valid suggestions for future hacks/values to be found, feel free to post them within this thread.
  13. I must say I wasn't overly keen on it at first, but it has grown on me to the point where I think I now do prefer it. Other then when you want a rom with that true authentic look.
  14. re: dougs find on the shootout mode... set the timer to a minimum of 15 seconds... any less and the stationary player chokes and just fires from centre ice. d'oh.
  15. yeah okay... maybe somewhat... but lets not forget my new uber talented friend thats helping us with these finds.... hold tight people... all will be revealed soon... and more...
  16. Noooooo.... I stole that idea from the graphics you posted here... just like you stole my banner concept! I guess that makes us even.... Now release the rom damn you... I want to see this new hack you mention in action... rip it off, document it, and claim it as my own!
  17. oooops... yeah sorry about that... but that will still be cool... I mean, I always select the wrong line.... now I can be still be 'dopey thumbs' and know I'm getting the line I want... too cool! PS. Is it just me or is your banner (atm) a rip-off of mine...... lol! ...
  18. By making the CPU's three line changes options (A, B & C) appear as CHK?
  19. Assuming you are recreating a CD to use on real hardware, then no, as long as the original/hacked ISO component and all tracks fit on the CD then it should work... remember though, MP3s will effectively (need to) be converted back to WAV... thus effectively increasing their size and the amount of the space that is used on CD.
  20. I thought I had posted the info a while back but after a few searches seeming not... thankly a recent PM from DaDonch44 triggered my memory of its existence... so here it is: http://hexaddicts.com/nose/wboystba.zip The info within contains some research a did many moons ago (when I was more motivated) about the bytes in 92 thru 95 that control items such as home/away adv/disadv, PP adv/disadv etc. The bytes exist within each teams structure (for 93>5) just after the away colors strip data, and just before the fwd's/d's byte, which is before the goalies (count) bytes. A lot of the speculation on each values in-game purpose have been based on 93 as it advertises them before a game which allowed me to experiment with the values. As the later years roms in a whole are quite consistent in the manor they store the data, you can safely assume its basically the same rule of thumb for 94+5. If we can get agreeance of the "unknown" or "questionable" values, I may bother to implement it into NOSE. Easiest method to test this is create two identical teams... set one value at 0, the other at 7 (or higher) and then simulate a few games (be it with frame skipping on or not) and see what one teams does better/worse at than the other. I did a few trials of this back in the day, but couldn't come to any definite conclusions.
  21. Understand the argument I was fighting and in what circumstance.... you know... cause ZSNES still uses kaillera which makes it absolutely obsolete as I need to know my opponents IP... Gens uses Zbattle which I am certified in which makes Kega obsolete as well because I can never get anyone to connect.... localhost is apparently my machine's IP, but my opponent cannot connect via it! Forget the apples and oranges, just sit back and giggle, it time to go bananas.
  22. To find the team rating bytes search for 000102030405060708 (drop the 00 if that does work and search again.) The data should live just before where the team roster data exists towards the end of the rom data. 00 for team 1, 01 for team 2, 02 for team 3 etc... change to the desired hex (decimal equivalent) value.
  23. Sorry! Missed your sarcasm there and actually thought you where behaving SNES fanboy like (add a for me next time )... thus the whole zbattle saga and beyond... because I too was rather annoyed at the Gens obsolete statement made in the first post.
  24. I actually messed with that a few weeks ago but never reported back as the thread lot interest fast. Yes, you can have some success with XP's compatibility options as you posted. The only issues is getting the sound out, especially on non sound blaster (SB) based cards (e.g. onboard Realteks etc. found on many motherboards). While most are SB compatible, you need to SET the "BLASTER=A220" etc.. environment variables to have any hope of the game picking up on the settings and natively giving you sound when executing NHL95 thru XP. Gamepads support may also be an issue running this was as well. Didn't mess with it enough to test in full.
  25. What part of your earlier post quoted below does not imply you are referring the Gens being obsolete as its doesn't have a service like zsnes's zbattle to help gamers find each other without knowing the opponents ip? And now for something even more amusing (not funny).... for the record, Kaillera (as supported by Gens and numerous other emulators) does allows for gamers to join a publicly listed server, host a game and play each other without ever needing to know the opponents ip. The only time you need to enter an ip is if you join a private server, typically created/hosted by one of the competing players... The similarity in Zsnes and Kega is that they have their own peer-to-peer based netplay model built in, where one players acts as the server... versus Kaillera which does it through the centralized server model.... where the server ideally exists equally between both players in terms of latency/ping response... admittedly not the easiest thing the achieve. Now to my knowledge Kega doesn't have any service like Zbattle to help players find each other. With that in mind and again referring to your earlier post quoted above, is it safe to assume you would think Kega is also "REALLY obsolete" when again compared to Zsnes's Netplay. Its seems so, though I don't disagree a similar service would beneficial for Kega. The End?
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