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  1. I'm going to have to go with Doug Glatt on this one
  2. Give me a tutorial on how to make something like this
  3. I'm only 15 with no job. Normally I'll be on Instagram talking to people (mainly hockey fan pages) or foruming on different sites (such as a small site known as Novanius or of course, this site). I'll also be taking walks and stuff.
  4. Just curious, is there a reason for the manual goalie control?
  5. Anyone know good sites out there or have a bin file they can hook me up with?
  6. Just interested in what rules you guys use, the way I play mine's solo is: RULES: On (Including Offsides and penalties) LINE CHANGES: Auto GOALIE CONTROL: Auto GAME TIME: 10 Minutes
  7. FINALS: 1995-96 Avs vs 2014-15 Hawks GAME 1: 6-4 Avs GAME 2: 3-2 Avs GAME 3: 4-3 Hawks (OT) Game 4: 6-2 Avs Game 5: 4-3 Avs THE 95-96 AVS ARE THE BEST TEAM IN THE PAST 32 YEARS! THEY ARE YOUR CHAMPIONS!
  8. 1995-96 Avs vs 2014-15 Hawks NOTES: The 1988-89 Flames miracle run ends in a shocking Game 7 OT finish. The 1995-96 Avs SWEEP the team that swept 2 Wings teams!
  9. 1988-89 Flames vs 2014-15 Hawks 1995-96 Avs vs 2000-01 Avs NOTES: The 2nd Oilers Team (1984-85) Blew a 3-0 Series Lead (to the 2014-15 Chicago Blackhawks). The 2009-10 Hawks got lit up in Game 5, 8-1, costing them the series. The 2000-01 Avs SWEPT ANOTHER RED WINGS TEAM, the 97-98 Red Wings
  10. Actually, I'll do the rest right now
  11. 1984-85 Oilers vs 2014-15 Hawks 1988-89 Flames vs 2009-10 Hawks 1995-96 Avs vs 2007-08 Red Wings 2000-01 Avs vs 1997-98 Red Wings NOTES: The 15-16 Pens blew a 3-1 lead to the 84-85 Oilers. The 1997-98 Red Wings swept the 1996-97 Red Wings. Most shockingly, the 2000-01 Avs swept the 2001-02 Red Wings!
  12. I like the original site layout, that's so clean.
  13. Basically a cover photo I was planning to use for this site, with modernized players.
  14. NEXT 8 BATTLES: 1984-85 Oilers vs 2015-16 Pens 2013-14 Kings vs 2014-15 Hawks 1988-89 Flames vs 2011-12 Kings 2009-10 Hawks vs 2010-11 Bruins 2007-08 Red Wings vs 2008-09 Pens 1995-96 Avs vs 2006-07 Ducks 1996-97 Red Wings vs 1997-98 Red Wings 2000-01 Avs vs 2001-02 Red Wings NOTES: The 1989-90 Oilers blew a 3-0 Series Lead to the 2011-12 Kings The 1994-95 Devils blew a 3-1 Series Lead to the 2006-07 Ducks The 1984-85 Oilers Probably will murder their way to the championship, dominating the recent cup champs.
  15. I'll do all 16 today, than all 8 tomorrow, and 4 the day after, the finals after that day
  16. 1) NHL 2K5 2) NHL 94 3)NHL Hitz 2002 NHL 2K5 is unbeatable by a landslide. The graphics were ahead of its time, physics were good, I liked the feature of historic themes, and of course, the presentation done by ESPN. NHL 94 is another amazing game. It's arcadish feeling will have me playing for hours, and the ROMs make it even better (shoutout to Naples39). NHL Hitz 2002, both combined, fun game, but not close to the top 2.
  17. I purchased the game. Campaign was fun, but rather quick. It would've been nice if they had a GM mode.
  18. I love this site for the new ROMs and discussing NHL 94. Nice to see the game is being kept alive 24 years later.
  19. So, there's this site called whatifsim.com, where you can have 2 historic teams play each other in a simulation. TOURNAMENT: 1984-85 Oilers vs 2016-17 Pens 1985-86 Habs vs 2015-16 Pens 1986-87 Oilers vs 2014-15 Hawks 1987-88 Oilers vs 2013-14 Kings 1988-89 Flames vs 2012-13 Hawks 1989-90 Oilers vs 2011-12 Kings 1990-91 Pens vs 2010-11 Bruins 1991-92 Pens vs 2009-10 Hawks 1992-93 Habs vs 2008-09 Pens 1993-94 Rangers vs 2007-08 Red Wings 1994-95 Devils vs 2006-07 Ducks 1995-96 Avs vs 2005-06 Hurricanes 1996-97 Red Wings vs 2003-04 Lightning 1997-98 Red Wings vs 2002-03 Devils 1998-99 Stars vs 2001-02 Red Wings 1999-00 Devils vs 2000-01 Avs Basically, a tournament between the 32 most recent cup champs, 1st seed being recent and 32nd seed being latest. All will be done in a 7th game series. 2 serieses per day.
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