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  1. @MonkeyHead - Here is the rosters and ratings spreadsheet, as promised. There is also a worksheet for the lines. EIHL 19-20 - Data v1 2021 03 14 (FINAL WITH RATINGS).xlsx
  2. @UltraMagnus - I forgot to send this to you a while back. I think I knocked it together when I did a load of custom covers for the other ROMs on the site.
  3. @MonkeyHead - I have had the pleasure of having a couple of games of the '94 version this evening (I needed to correct a few typos before @UltraMagnus posts it) and I am loving it! Honestly, the boy is a genius and I will be updating the ROM every year now once the season starts.
  4. @UltraMagnus - Once it is done (no rush!), would you mind DMing me the ROM before it is posted here? I have spotted a number of typos in player names and, after removing the spare goaltenders for Manchester Storm and a couple of other teams, the lines have gone awry. It won't take me long to fix but it's probably worth doing before the ROM goes live. Thanks!
  5. That is awesome progess, @UltraMagnus! I am really looking forward to this.
  6. @UltraMagnus - I suspected that it wouldn't be that easy. Once the 2019/20 '94 ROM is sorted, I will have a stab at trying to convert it (and see if I can work out TM!). I wasn't sure if there was a "move" option anywhere but I suspected not.
  7. @UltraMagnus is currently putting together a '94 ROM for the EIHL (British league), because he is an absolute legend. I have sorted the team and player details, along with the kits, and have nicked @MonkeyHead's ratings from a '95 ROM for the same league. It seems to be coming along quite nicely. The ROM is based on the rosters at the end of the 2019/20 season, which featured (as normal) 10 teams. Due to Covid, a full 20/21 season is not going ahead as normal, but... a massively shortened season / glorified tournament is going ahead with 4(!) teams only. When the '94 ROM is completed, there will be 10 teams. Let's call them teams (1) to (10). In the ROM, they are naturally in alphabetical order. However, the four teams that will feature in the season / tournament will be, for sake of argument, teams (1), (3), (5) and (7). If I wanted to have a stab at putting together a further ROM for the shortened season, as the rosters are completely different due to a one-off drafting system that has been put in place to reallocated players from the wider league across the 4 teams, is there a way of essentially reordering the existing teams in a ROM, so that I could make the first 4 (as reordered (1), (3), (5), (7), (2), (4), (6), (8), (9) and (10)) selectable whilst hiding the rest? This would save me having to redo everything from scratch, especially the graphics (this is what I have needed a lot of help with to date and I don't want to bother anyone by asking for loads of help with this one, as people have done enough for me as it is). I have had a look in NOSE but nothing leaps out from the main "teams" section, although I could be looking in the wrong place. Thanks!
  8. I remember seeing that clip online. Daneyko's response to his 46 rating was great: "The only number that matters is three, as in how many Stanley Cups I've won." Deadpan gold. It's nice that barns are so small / intimate by comparison to, say, football (soccer) stadiums, as it looks like you had a great view of the game without having to squint. If you tried using the "big" screen at Old Trafford (home of the godawful team that is Manchester United), you'd need a telescope. And, afterwards, vaccinating just in case you caught anything from the locals.
  9. I found the whole thing pretty weird, as they were still playing on / looking at small monitors from the look of things. Cool idea though. A while back, a group of us in Manchester hired a virtual golf simulator booth for the afternoon and played (take a deep breath) FIFA on a huge screen. It was outstanding (and boozy). When the EIHL '94 ROM gets finished, I am thinking of organising something in the Storm Shelter's bar and using projectors and the like. Not the same as this but it could be quite fun.
  10. @MonkeyHead - Questions like this make you realise how beer league our precious EIHL is, eh?! Fancy the EIHL website not even having pictures of trophies etc. on it! @von Ozbourme - It's probably for the best you left the value off the card, as it'd probably be a fiver at best. Or, knowing some of the teams, the award would end up being some random gift from a sponsor, like a bloody great piece of sheet metal or a bouquet of fresh fish! At least it keeps things entertaining, as there is next to no corporate element involved.
  11. Do you think this would do the trick? It is a transparent .PNG and is a stylised version of the play-off cup that I found on Google and messed with / tidied up. I could not find a good photo of the cup but I suspect that it does not matter once it has been processed and shrunk to the size of a stamp!
  12. Awesome, great timing! I have not included any "all star" teams in the ROM for the time being. These can be added in a later version, as (to be honest) the standard of the players across the league is such that almost all of the players would be from Belfast, Cardiff, Sheffield and Nottingham, with the odd player from the other teams. I think that @MonkeyHead had the same issue, but I'm happy with a flat 10 teams to start with. Quick Q - do you know how to replace the Stanley Cup in the play-off bracket? I can have a go at making the play-off cup if it helps? It's really basic, so I could probably cobble together a few different pixel art trophies to get something that looks about right.
  13. That looks ace. Hopefully the edits are helping massively. The Belfast, Glasgow, Manchester and Sheffield logos were always going to be the most difficult, as they have loads of unnecessary detail! Plus, the Manchester one doesn't contain all of the colours used in the kit...! I have just send you the version of the ROM with the up-to-date rosters and ratings that @MonkeyHead worked on for the '95 version. The lines have also been updated slightly.
  14. Sure, I am hardly going to say no given how much effort you have put into the ratings! I pulled the initial spreadsheet together when players were getting announced for the 2019/20 season and then, as time went on, I updated it whenever there was any player news. I checked everything at the end of the (cancelled) season, so the list does not factor in any new players currently on the rosters. That said, there are probably a few errors scattered about due to the fact that the whole process is not exactly anyone's idea of fun! I have now transposed your ratings data into my NHL '94 ROM, so I just need to check the lines (which hopefully have not changed as a consequence of the update) and remove a couple of "not used" goalies. After this, I will send the ROM to @UltraMagnus, so he can use it as his base ROM for the '94 version. It might be the weekend before I have chance to update the spreadsheet with the extracted ROM ratings, just because my listings are in a slightly different order, but I will post it ASAP. As you say, it will help massively with future updates and, to be honest, you will probably find yourself copying player ratings between teams where they are similar anyway, given the whole thing seems to be an art and not a science. It would be so much easier if there were a way to easily import .CSV files into the ROM but I don't think that the Roster Tool does that, although it is not the end of the world. It is a damn sight easier than buggering around with the graphics!
  15. Cheers. I have just about copied over the main squads and will sort the goaltenders tomorrow and double-check that the lines have not changed. Once I am done, I will export the data from the NHL '94 ROM as a .CSV file using the Roster Tool and then update my spreadsheet in case I need it in the future. Want a copy? It's a bit geeky but might be useful. For instance, I can see that we have a few differences regarding jersey numbers. I collated 99% of my data from the team website over the course of last season, rather than Elite Prospects, and there seems to be the odd difference here-and-there. Nothing major (and I need to double-check the .PDFs I saved of the pages) but it might be worth a double-check for sense. Likewise with players, as I have the odd additional one player for a few squads, as some teams listed youth and two-ways players and I included them. Nothing that is going to spoil the NHL '95 ROM, mind. @UltraMagnus - Once I have updated the rosters, I will resend you the base NHL '94 ROM to save you having to sort the rosters. It should save a load of time and allow you to focus on the graphics. Jaysus, who knows, this thread might have actually ended up being useful for something!
  16. You absolute dancer! I found a thread that @UltraMagnus created a while back for NHL '95 editing and it included a version of NOSE with the tweaked .ini file. I will sort the rosters over the next couple of days, so I can send the NHL '94 back to @UltraMagnus for importing the rosters into the updated ROM, in order to save him some (valuable) time. Cheers!
  17. Now I'm getting an error message in NOSE that says that "The specified file does not appear to be a supported ROM." Ack. I was going to luck at the rosters whilst @UltraMagnus is working on the graphics. I'm not sure why it is not working.
  18. No worries. I might have to open NOSE and copy them into my spreadsheet I suspect, but at least the data is easy to copy. I will check the "copy attributes" option though. Cheers for the heads-up. Yeah, I think we are banking on Ginn being free, to be honest. Plus, Bowns is used to playing behind a very good D line whereas ours can be a bit flakey at points, so it might be akin to seeing Messi at #10 for West Brom (or my beloved Newcastle) at the moment!
  19. @MonkeyHead - Quick Q, now that the EIHL draft (which was actually quite a lot of fun!) is over. Do you have a spreadsheet of your player ratings for NHL '95 or, if not, do you know if there is an easy way to extract them? They would help massively with updating the NHL '94 ROM. I could go through the NHL '95 ROM, loaded into Gens, and note them down, but it feels like a lot of work! And reckon Batch will be a good fit for us?!
  20. @UltraMagnus - You absolute legend. I will get my teeth into this as soon as I can (and give feedback as needed) but this looks excellent. Now I am really excited about the NHL '94 one - you are a victim of your own success / awesomeness. @MonkeyHead - Happy to have a go online at some point, but you will need to give me a bit of time to get used to NHL '95, as I really have not played a huge amount of it and I have my pride to think of!
  21. Yeah, it's got "we need to do something to get funding and also run a quick cash grab" written all over it. Personally, given the short series, I'd have preferred a "no imports" rule (excluding dual nationals already in the UK), as some teams are going to have to either coax people out of retirement (Dane Byers might end up coming back for us...) or pay through the nose to get a "name" for a few weeks. It'll all be very interesting and will sell jerseys but I wouldn't have minded just waiting until September / October. The atmosphere is what sells it, as it's not like pubs are going to be open broadcasting the games. Also, given that my NHL TV and AHL TV passes are around £125 for every game played by every team, it is going to be a shock having to pay £10 / £15 per game for the webcasts. Not bank breaking by any means, just annoying, especially as the coverage is generally a bit sketchy (which is fair enough, given that the commentators generally do it for free). Yeah, I cannot see the Steelers in particular picking up any neutrals... And, in fairness, I remain convinced that a good number of people in the UK could not pinpoint Coventry on a map if their lives depended on it!
  22. @UltraMagnus - That looks very impressive. Great work! I'm looking forward to this and the '94 one something crazy. The EIHL has just announced a very short season with 4 teams that is due to start in a couple of weeks (@MonkeyHead - it's a crazy idea but hockey is hockey, eh), so this is just in time!
  23. @UltraMagnus - No need to apologise! We are just grateful that you have volunteered to use your free time help with the '94 and '95 mods, as the whole thing must be very time-consuming! (Plus, I started this thread in 2019, so I am in no position to moan about timings!!! )
  24. I thought as much. I was struggling to resize them without losing the quality and the transparency, which is why I sent over the full versions. I got some really good results from using IrfanView after reducing the colour index in Photoshop, but the transparency was lost. I'm looking forward to playing both ROMs over the coming weeks!
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