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  1. I've wanted to do this in TDL, but not smart enough to come up with a good formula to reduce endurance proportionately. If any rom wiz's out there have a good idea to do this or the Finns formula, I'd love to hear it! TDL operates with using full-line ups, manual line changes, but no off-sides. I'm not completely against using off-sides as it totally changes the flow of play and strategies coaches have to use to be successful. If you are looking to get into a line changes league TDL Season 3 will be rolled out in about 6-8 weeks, keep an eye out for the league roll-call as we will be filling open spots and the waitlist with a lottery for S3. Main reason I think off-sides has been avoided in most leagues is that it more than doubles the average play stoppages per game, not a lot of coaches liked the over abundance of whistles.
  2. hahaha wow. I failed. sorry y'all. but this vote still was called to an end really quick, wish I had known about it. Can't even see who has voted, can't be sure non-league members decision played a role in the count at the top of the page.
  3. This thread has been up for less than a day, not even a majority vote yet to keep things the same (11/24). I just now voted the other option, guess my vote doesn't count along with the 3 who voted for Y-Goalie and 8 that voted for CB fix (11/24 wanting changes). lol
  4. Kupuck selects Bob Bassen at 6.18, the latest Bassenator has been drafted since GDL 3 (@ 9.9 pick). A steal KGman could appreciate.
  5. kupuck19

    GDL XII - Round 4

    Im gonna contribute to the run on Montreal's defensemen. Anaheim Ducks select the third HABS dman in a row: JJ Daigneault
  6. The ducks select Bobby Essensga
  7. Send smoke signals to AOL Instant Messaging headquarters for verification. Tip: I've never had to use a phone to have an AIM account.
  8. bump: 1. St. Louis Blues (IceStorm70) vs 8. Pittsburgh Penguins (LABS_66) 2. Philadelphia Flyers (Kingraph94) vs. 7. Los Angeles Kings (Wittgenstein) 3. New York Rangers (clockwise) vs. 6. Buffalo Sabres (gretzkyonacold) glhf
  9. ron barr santa clan votes against this tradon
  10. TEAM NAME: the Ron Barr Santa Claus Clan KUPUCK #19 - SHOOTS LEFT KINGRAPH #___ - SHOOTS ____ SHAFTMAN #4 - SHOOTS LEFT COACHMAC #___ - SHOOTS ____
  11. Yesterday: Donnybrook 4 Kupuck 2 Kupuck 3 Donnybrook 1 Donnybrook 2 Kupuck 4 GGs
  12. id like to drop the hawks and take the available anaheim ducks
  13. hope you guys kept the savestates for the site, should be up soon! Congrats to Pearate on the win! Thank you skeletor for coming in at mid-season and finishing strong with the Bruins, hope to see you back in S3!
  14. You'll get a new contract when I get my sequel.
  15. GM kupuck will select Shaftman and CoachMac with 2nd and 3rd round picks
  16. GM Kupuck drafts Kingraph first overall in the 2014 Winter Classic draft.
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