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  1. How did you go about determining the groups out of interest? Group F is looking fierce
  2. Can't believe the time is upon us already. Where has the summer gone? I havent allowed enough excitement to build yet and my thumbs definitely are not ready
  3. I'm very impressed with the development of this thread.. What's the current count at? I've been doing my part to solicit the registration of several SNES players, all of whom are of high skill level but have never played on this site. I predict there will be a great many more of these non-site players than originally expected. I just find it really weird that anyone would have played GENS 94 growing up because I find the idea really difficult to understand that you would choose the Gens system over a SNES. How could you grow up (with or without vaccines) with no Mario World, mario kart - hel
  4. Are we allowed to spread the good word to 94 players who are not a part of this website or are we still in an early signup phase?
  5. Anyone around for some SNES games? I need to start getting back in shape for the tourney!
  6. Just signed up too! Gonna be sweet! Still too early to speak of any details, but...Toronto's my home town, I got the wonderful SNES system, and I gots the multi-tap and comptrollers.. Also if anyone has any Toronto specific questions I'm happy to help. If you've never been before and you're looking for some nice spots to check out (if you're not playing 94' all weekend that is) drop me a line and I'd be happy to make some recommendations.
  7. Very very cool! I know this is old news to everyone but I'm just getting around to it now! So cool! I'm sure by now McMikey you've found just how awesome and helpful this community can be. I used to be active on this site many years ago but frustrations over never winning a championship and a busy work schedule sent me into an early retirement. I'll always remember tho the good natured folk on here and the relative absence of difficult and negative personalities. The tournament you have planned in Toronto this September is too good to be true. I would never forgive myself if I didn't take th
  8. Oh man how did I miss this?! Goes to show you should never stop visiting this website.. Do you have any other events lined up for Toronto? ..aside from that sweet tourny in September which I will certainly be attending!
  9. I will be playing more games tomorrow and this weekend if people can wait until then! For real!
  10. The only way I know of to score a pass goal consistently is on the penalty shot where you know that the other player is controlling his/her goalie. Take a small step to the left or right, then drive straight up and pass. You'll often score unless the other player can react quickly enough to stop a pass when theyre expecting a slow deke then a shot.
  11. Sorry for my absence gents. I had an unexpected trip to Vancouver where my availability was low. I'm back now but I decided it would be a good idea to smash my finger with a hammer. So I'm still nursing that small wound but I anticipate being back in top form to play lots of games this weekend! SDL lives on!
  12. I'm around, I've just been especially busy this week during the days which is usually when we have to play our games due to time zones. I'm about to go to Vancouver for the next two weeks so that may make it easier for us to connect.
  13. I didn't realize the ROM would be updated so quickly! Nice work. Unfortunately, I've only had a chance to look at it now.. Sorry to be a bother, but Vernon's GvR/Pas is rated at 55 but is only 45 on the ROM.
  14. Now that we are nearing the end of the draft I really think we should all consider the length of the season one last time. I don't mind how long it took for the draft to be completed (in fact I think we all did pretty well - except maybe a little slow in the final rnds) but I think that since we all put so much effort into it we should enjoy the teams we've made for longer than a 4game per team season. I'm a firm believer that a 6game format keeps the competition level much more interesting, and the final playoff standings much closer and more competitive. I really like the long committed sea
  15. Line 1 : LW Joe Sakic #19 C Wayne Gretzky #99 RW Alexander Mogilny #89 LD Phil Housley #06 RD Doug Wilson #24 X Ron Francis #10 Line 2 : LW TONY TWIST #00 Jersey # changed -- Is this number possible to have? C Ron Francis #10 RW Alexei Zhamnov #11 Jersey #changed LD Mikhail Tatarinov #04 RD Jamie Macoun #34 X Alexander Mogilny #89 Line PP : LW Joe Sakic #19 C Wayne Gretzky #99 RW Alexander Mogilny #89 LD Phil Housley #06 RD Doug Wilson #24 X Ron Francis #10 Line PK : LW Joe Sakic #19 C Ron Francis #10 RW Alexander Mogilny #89 LD Mikhail Tatarinov #04 RD Jamie Macoun