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  1. Actually, I like the 95 rom because it allows for a league with significantly fewer than 30 teams, unlike the NHL 96 rom. Basic memorization of the buttons and what options are in which is all you need, as they are the same for Eliteserien and NHL.
  2. Do you want my WHA data to do WHA ROMS, or is that something you aren't interested in doing?
  3. Status: Slow but steady. Complete: 1977-78 Season Rosters and Uniforms for all 8 teams. 1976-77 Season Uniforms for all teams, Birmingham, Calgary and Cincinnati rosters. To come: Rest of 1976-77 Rosters, Modified rating for Matchup Screen. Need Help On: Making the puck blue or red, All Star Teams, Banners (Not Possible at present time), Replacing Ron Barr with a WHA announcer (any ideas?), and any feedback ideas.
  4. OK, the new status is that it's going to be a 2 season rom, WHA 77 and WHA 78. It'll be a few days before release.
  5. I just get a black screen. I am Using GENS Plus version Edit: It won't work in Gens Movie 9f either
  6. I've tried both releases and they won't load up. Do I need to hex edit the checksum or sommat?
  7. Just a quick question: Does anyone know how to make the puck red or blue. I've messed aroung in TM and the closest I could get was pink and ice blue.
  8. Sweet idea on the fun teams. Maybe about 17 or so of the guys aroud here ate want to be on a team. Anyone want in, post here or PM me. No god players please (between 48-72 OA would be good for anyone.) Figuring on a Goon Squad (McSorley, Domi, Probert, Twist, Ray, etc.) as one of the teams.
  9. All 8 teams and ratings 100% finished. Winnipeg and Quebec probably have the best team ratings, New England, Edmonton, and Houston are good, Birmingham and Cincinnati below average, and Indianapolis is terrible. Highest overall rated players: Marc Tardif (QUE) 94 OA Real Cloutier (QUE) 92 OA Mark Howe (NE) 90 OA Ulf Nilsson (WPG) 88 OA Anders Hedberg (WPG) 88 OA Bobby Hull (WPG) 85 OA Andre Lacroix (HOU) 85 OA Serge Bernier (QUE) 82 OA Kent Nilsson (WPG) 81 OA Robbie Ftorek (CIN) 79 OA Al Hamilton (EDM) 75 OA Gordie Howe (NE) 75 OA I need a little help editing the Opening Screen
  10. Currently working on a WHA 77-78 season hack of NHLPA 93. I've got 6 of the 8 teams done (Quebec and Winnipeg left to finish, but I've got the jerseys), complete with jerseys. The only thing I need help with is the banners, which haven't been figured out yet in 93 as far as I know. Theonly reason I prefer 93 to 94 for this is because of the fighting. Gotta get those Carlson brothers fights, y'know. Anyone have any input as to how I should fill in the other teams in the rom? Other suggestions? I have some screenshots, but for some reason I can't attach them. Admins? Mods?
  11. Wed, Sep 05, 2007 Zarley Zalapski Signed with EHC Biel/Bienne of the Swiss National League.
  12. Just a little statement. No matter when I save (right after final whistle, on the exit game screen, in the stats, whatever) it still imports Anaheim vs Anaheim. Is there something I can do to change this?