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  1. I agree that stats should determine this, but please don't use shooting percentage like they did in '94! The guy who hits the net gets punished, while it doesn't hurt the guy who misses it entirely at all.
  2. I like a balance between accurate ratings and the best players having the best attributes. Any of the top goal scorers should have above average shooting and skating, even if they weren't actually above average in that area back in the day. Because you can't simulate things like hockey sense, I think some of the other stuff should be exaggerated to compensate for that. For example, Gretzky should have been given better shot attributes in '94. However, the players who are famous for being the best skater, or having the hardest shot, should still have higher shooting or skating attributes. I still think that MacInnis should have a harder shot than Gretzky. That being said, you can always pretend that this is some alternate universe where guys like Roenick were better than Gretzky and Lemieux.
  3. Hey! I'll have you know that I am a very manly guy who does all kinds of manly things! Gretzky doesn't give you any other options for defense. He's just too delicate to do anything apart from clutching and grabbing. Given how many games that I've lost, I'll win be any means possible (-: Anyways, I'm off to kill a bear with my bare hands...
  4. Congrats to Brutus for winning the series! I've honestly never been so frustrated playing someone before. I couldn't get anything going against his defense (-:
  5. I'm completely indifferent to the series length. If you prefer 5 games, let's do that. I should be online tonight to finish the season as well.
  6. LA VS BOS Sorry about the first picture, I grabbed it right as the screen was transitioning. The numbers are still readable if you look closely. Lupz went to bed, so he might have a better pic. Game 4 was 6-4 LA. I forgot to grab a screenshot. Sorry!
  7. A couple of more notes. Do you guys think it would be hard to hack the goalies to improve their likelihood of making a save? I assume that the game just uses a probability??? I've never gotten into Rom hacking, so I have no idea how hard this would be. Regarding the home ice advantage. Against some guys, I prefer to be away, as I can let go a slapper without letting go of the down button. The half second that it takes to aim the puck low when going upscreen might be enough delay to get checked.
  8. I would put speed on par with shot power. I lost a ton of games due to giving up breakaways. Even spamming the C button, I usually can't catch up. I thought that subbing the faster Robinson in for Blake would help, but that made things worse. I think the player ai has a lot to do with it as well, as my defensemen seem to like to pinch in a lot. I would also put weight/checking up there with speed and shot power. Gretzky has been a big liability for me with his non-existing checking. Sandstrom is the real star of the team. Outside of the players themselves, a couple things that I prefer in this version are the puck physics and passing. It seems to me that they handled the way the puck bounces off the boards and glass better in 92. I'm going to disagree with AJ on the passing. Seems to me that the passes are more accurate (at least the lateral ones), and the receiving player is able to hold on to the puck more often following a short pass. In 94, my short passes usually just bounce of the receiving player. I've only played with the Kings, so maybe they are just good passers.
  9. Thanks, just wanted to make sure that my machine didn't pick up a nasty.
  10. Weird question, but has anyone else been redirected to adult friend finder when trying to get to the forums using a google search? I've noticed that I get redirected a few times, so this seems to be fairly common. Also, I've had this happen on two separate computers, and my tablet, so this might be something other than my computer having picked up a nasty somewhere.
  11. NJD Sorry, I mixed up my GDL and Blitz teams. I should be Philly. 1st Line LW Verbeek C Mogilny R Robitaille LD Chiasson RD Wesley G Moog X Juneau 2nd Line LW McPhee C Ogrodnick R Juneau LD Richer RD Richer G Puppa X Mogilny
  12. Im having trouble opening the spreadsheet on my phone. If any of these guys are available, I'll take them: Ashton Mactavish Ogrodnick If not just give me the whoever you think is best that is left. It doesn't matter much for my last pick. They'll just be warming the bench most of the season anyways.
  13. I doubt that I'll be awake when my pick is due, so just give me one of these guys: Puppa Brent Ashton Dirk Graham
  14. Thanks for catching this guys! It'll be good to have the new and improved Moog in net for me. Also, I'd recommend that everybody looks over their roster as well. It wouldn't surprise me if some of the player stats got messed up along the way as well.
  15. FYI: I'm going to be away from home for a couple of weeks. If the playoffs start before I get back and the Kings are in, I won't be able to play until March 12th. If this is going to be a problem, feel free to replace me. I apologize for any inconvenience.
  16. Oops, I uploaded a season one game by mistake. I updated the original post.
  17. Crazy series for LA and PIT. Is 19 a new record for goals in a game?
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