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  1. Fitzo

    GDL 13 - Final Two Weeks

    Hopeless times for me sorry, that's between 3-6 am CET. I'll send you some msgs in priv. To all other who still have games with CALIFORNIA GOLDEN SEALS, I could stay up quite late on thursday night. Probably until 8pm EST, maybe a bit longer. Wednesday night, maybe between 5-7 pm EST.
  2. Fitzo

    Hokkeefan announcing retirement untill.....

    Good luck fighting your demons, man. Wish you all the best!
  3. Fitzo

    GDL 13 - HOT LIST

    I'll be online tonight between 5-6.30pm EST. Try to catch me.
  4. Fitzo

    Scribe Blitz A

    Yeaah buddy, let's get the games in.
  5. One of the best ever played, no doubt! Vive Quebec Libre!!
  6. Fitzo

    Blitz 11 END DATE

    Time to play, Scribe! Write me back.
  7. Fitzo

    GDL 13 Start

    Will be away from thur-sun, might not make the first CP. /SlackoFitz
  8. Fitzo

    GDL 13 - Lines

    California Golden Seals SC1 LW Eklund C Recchi RW Thomas LD Lidström RD Brisebois X K Miller G Mclean SC2 LW Thomas C Eklund RW Miller LD K Lowe RD K Lowe X S Corson
  9. Fitzo

    GDL 13 Draft - Day 5

    10.14 Shayne Corson 11.11 Peter Stasny
  10. Fitzo

    GDL 13 Draft - Day 5

    Depending on what JackVandal picks... Quebec chooses 1. Sandis Ozolinsh 2. Tom Kurvers
  11. Fitzo

    GDL 13 Draft - Day 4

    Kevin Lowe
  12. Fitzo

    GDL 13 Draft - Day 4

    Steve Thomas
  13. Fitzo

    GDL 13 Draft - Day 3

    Kirk Mclean
  14. Fitzo

    GDL 13 Draft - Day 2

    The California Golden Seals choose Niklas Lidström!
  15. Drop Jablonski pick up Nylander