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  1. Congrats to the Old General of Snes 94. Nice that you got to do it with Nolan too.
  2. Yay, I got second last time I was in halifax WC pool. Congrats to addis. It's been a crazy tourney so far.
  3. I'm going to let him. He still needs to choose his team.
  4. It's up to the home team. If you guys want to talk about it before its up to you. An issue that has arisen is that houly wants to change his team. He said we won't play unless he can change his team because he didn't properly read about the optional offside rule. He has already played 2 games against annatar which annatar won. I don't know if he still wants to play or not. Just say yay or nay if you're ok or not with him changing teams. Otherwise we'll just go on as 7. Don't say anything else, unless its a PM. Im ok with it as long as he finishes using the team he picks.
  5. Check the first post for teams and snesot site
  6. Welcome, Nice to have another fellow keyboard player. Yeah, we also just play exhibition games using the regular ROM. Try me on AIM at JAGNHL94
  7. If you can play all your games you can play. Confirm ASAP
  8. Ok, thanks for letting me know. Still two spots, or we're going 6-7 on Saturday.
  9. There is a spot open still as I haven't been able to get in contact with oilers since he previously agreed. If he doesn't respond before Saturday, either we'll go on as seven or with another player. Let me know if interested.
  10. OK , I'm down. I'll probably need a reminded before the 1st.
  11. You guys can play. There are still guys that need to confirm, so spots might still be available and reserves. I'm expecting everyone to play all their games, even if it's their last game and they've lost every game 12-0. You need to play. There is no shame in losing, only in not showing up. This is the grand prix not some bush league. If I do this or any other tournament again you won't be allowed to play, extenuating circumstances allowing. Play exis and state your 3 top team selection on Saturday. No crazy crap about it, first come first serve on Saturday. Games start next Sunday. I
  12. Greetings, Herein lies the announcement of the most premier snes nhl94 competition known to man. Tournament organizers have scoured the globing seeking to recruit the most elite talent (or just the guys who they could get, same dif) in order to test who might be the champions' champion. Behold, the G-1 Grandprix, played under the most authentic and rigorous regulations in the 94 universe. The contestants: Northway Native- Calgary Oilers-Winnipeg PondHckey-Boston Annatar-New York Rangers Houly- New Jersey Grayto- Toronto Kashim- Los Angeles C4outlaws- Quebec If you are stout of hea
  13. I never use the 'get up' feature and am not too bothered when another player does. It's kind of cheap, but on the hand it requires presence of mind and anticipation to do. Also, it isn't like it magically transforms a hit against you, into a regaining of puck possession.
  14. It depends on the angle. In snes there are 'guaranteed' posts, that if you play long enough you know will happen. It can happen on the move if you go especially wide. It can happen on one timers as well if the angle isn't there, or if its Mark Osborne with in open net in overtime in the classic final series. Gens guys who arent used to my be surprised when they hit posts that snes vets would just see as having no chance of going in.