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  1. That seems fair. Kesler had a short list of where he wanted to go, hopefully he opens it up a bit more. I heard it might take a 3 team trade to get him where he wants to go. Lol anyone see Jason Spezza's list of the 10 teams he won't go to? Report from @DarrenDreger says 10 teams on Jason Spezza's no-trade list are: MON, TOR, WPG, EDM, CGY, VAN, NASH, FLA, NYI, #CBJ. Looks like he really wants out of Canada,and hates expansion teams, and screw the Islanders just because.
  2. hey pearate, let me know if you wanna switch the bruins for the oilers. or if you pick another team let me get first dibbs at them
  3. Looks like many people believe lindros should make it. LOL @ this: http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2107351-dave-lozos-bag-skate-what-does-eric-lindros-have-to-do-to-get-into-the-hhof "Unless you consider Forsberg's career regular-season numbers—885 points in 708 games—that are only slightly better and also undercut by a slew of injuries. Forsberg benefited from playing for nearly a decade on an excellent Colorado Avalanche team that won two Stanley Cups (with a foundation created by Lindros demanding a trade from Quebec to Philadelphia when he was drafted)" GG Forsberg
  4. They all for sure deserve it. Blake was awesome but I would have Recchi in before him. They should have made Blake wait a few more years because he was in the movie "The Love Guru"
  5. Yeah that makes sense, but they pretty much have the same contracts (Hartnell 4.75 till 2019 and Umberger 4.6 till 2017) Unless it's to bump up someone on the 3rd or 4th line to eventually fill Hartnell's shoes, and if that doesn't work out, throw Umberger in that spot. Not sure where he will fit but if lecavallier stays philly could have the most expensive 3rd and 4th line in the league. This trade reminds me of those weird trades in the 70's/80's you read about and go "wtf"
  6. Also, lol at this: http://bluejacketsxtra.dispatch.com/content/blogs/puck-rakers/2014/06/umberger-traded-for-hartnell.html "Hartnell makes the Blue Jackets faster and more physical" http://www.nhl.com/ice/news.htm?id=723501&navid=nhl:topheads "The number one thing was we wanted to get quicker up front," Hextall said. "Whenever you make a deal there's a lot of considerations that come into the mix, but I guess the one for us was quickness." Lol good thing each team gets faster because of this trade.........................
  7. Correct. It still seems like the flyers could have gotten a smidge more out of the deal. Maybe it's the fact the the Flyers really wanted Umberger back, but they probably could have gotten more for Hartnell if they shopped him to other teams or waited a little closer to the draft.
  8. Already a pretty big trade with Hartnell for Umberger. I'd like to know how superfan OrangeBlack feels about this? It took me by surprise. Umberger is pretty versatile, but Hartnell seemed like such a key peice to the flyers. Anyone else have any thoughts on this one?
  9. LOL. I'm pretty sure even she could see how much it sucks
  10. I can't see it either but i think it means handedness/fighting. An even # means left handed and odd number means right handed. The higher the number the better the fighter they are........or would be if they didn't take fighting out.
  11. *subject to change Sc1 LD: Wesley RD: Bourque LW: Oates C: Neely RW: Ruzicka Sc2 LD: Murphy RD: Featherstone LW: Poulin C: Reid RW: kvartalnov CHK LD: Sweeney RD: Weimer LW: Douris C: Hughes RW: Juneau PP1 same as Sc1 PP2 same as Sc2 PK1 LD: Featherstone RD: Bourque LW: Douris C: Hughes PK2 LD: Wesley RD: Murphy LW: Ruzicka C: Neely G: Blue Backup: Moog
  12. Only 36 post, but 36 of the best posts on these forums! seems like this topic is getting as heated as diving in the nhl. (hokkee needs to make a t-shirt that says glitches get stitches)
  13. http://www.manlycuphockey.com/ Pretty fun hockey sim, especially if you've got some time to kill.
  14. I saw predator the other night and thought "holy crap this is the same exact movie as home alone" someone else thought the same thing.
  15. got the rom done so we can start practicing, just need the teams assigned. Let me know if I messed anything up/missed anything tdl2.bin
  16. The tribe has spoken, no arguments there ( gg democracy) just one thing I don't get "We all know the major problem with Blitz’ current form is that a coach can be allowed to protect one of his two 1st stars every season, which would allow him to have a pretty strong squad every year." it's not like that applies to just one guy. Any coach could finagle something like that, maybe the best bet for the blitz after this one would be to expand the lg to a few more teams, that way it dilutes the amount of talent you can have on your roster anyways.
  17. I think he read this too fast: Lace Up the Skates – Fall 2014 (Xbox 360/Playstation 3) Play old-school hockey with NHL 94 Anniversary Mode, suit up with an online team in EA SPORTS Hockey League, or build and play with your ultimate fantasy team in Hockey Ultimate Team. NHL15 brings with it a generation of the franchise’s best game modes.
  18. double post my bad (btw anyone else having a problem with the forum pages taking forever to load up?)
  19. yeeee. Get some ice, think about grandmas, or wait till gdl to get the draft boner down Smoz has said this a few times, I know he gave up the reigns, but it sounds like he'd like to keep some of the core elements intact. I guess it doesn't impact me as much because I don't have to play raph every season, but if he's not gonna do it with selanne and neely, he could end up doing it with bure and lindros. Re-draft or not, things like that won't change if you're good at making trades.
  20. I............actually..........agree.........with......................Robbie. maybe we limit the protects and have more open rounds so you can at least keep 2 franchise players(protect,open,protect,open,open,open,ect.) I dunno, i'm torn. If we start from scratch we might as well call it GDLWBFWTF.