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  1. NJ @ WSH = 7-6 NJ (OT) WSH @ NJ = 4-3 NJ Both games marked by blown leads. WSH came back from a 5-1 deficit midway through the 2nd to take a 6-5 lead with :30 to go in the 3rd, only to lose in OT. NJ overcame a 2-0 deficit to win 4-3, the game again being decided in the waning moments of the 3rd. The Caps are winless in their last 5.
  2. DET at WSH - 6-4 DET WSH at DET - 12-4 DET
  3. sn: trailingedge17 league: a/b 1. Winnipeg 2. Quebec 3. Detroit 4. Boston 5. Buffalo 6. St. Louis 7. Washington 8. New York Islanders 9. New York Rangers 10. Calgary 11. Hartford 12. Chicago 13. Pittsburgh 14. Toronto 15. San Jose
  4. Just palyed a game with Master Of 94. Good player, no connection problems. Little bit of lag could have been in my end.
  5. Topic says it all. I'll be online tonight and tomorrow night
  6. 01 Best Overall Coach - Auggie 02 Best Sportsmanship Coach - Zyzzyvas 03 Best One-Timer Coach - Skipper 04 Best Deke Coach - ThePimpImp11 05 Best Slapshot Coach - Quebec_All_The_Way 06 Best Defensive Coach - Zyzzyvas 07 Best Offensive Coach - ThePimpImp 08 Most Improved Coach - ???????? 09 Best Coach With A Low Rated Team - Christian 10 Best Replacement Coach - BSDaemon 11 Best Rookie Coach - Robert Aces 12 Coach Who Stuck It Out Through The Hard Times - Christian
  7. It doesn't look like Edmonton showed up, so if you guys wanna say that SNES B#3 Calgary defeated #6 Winnipeg in 7, here are the results..... Game 1: 5-2 CAL Game 2: 2-1 WIN Game 3: 4-0 CAL Game 4: 3-2 WIN Game 5: 3-2 CAL (OT) .....heartbreaker Game 6: 5-2 WIN Game 7: 4-1 CAL Greg
  8. Big question...... Do you have any programming experience? I doubt there's any off the shelf solution that's both affordable and simple enough to implement relatively quick. I'm gonna guess that the guys who do the online league "roll their own" stuff and I'm impressed by how nicely things are put together on the site. Here's how I would do it...... if you want the results hosted online you need some way of dynamically rendering pages. I would store the data in a database using mySQL or something simiar. Then you just need to write the code that interfaces a browser with the database. I would recommend Apache Struts beacuse it's what I've used and what I'm familiar with. If you don't need it to be online, just write a little Java application that keeps track of scores, wins, losses etc and maybe emails everyone the latest standings every evening or something. -Greg
  9. I'm in! Don't care who I get, just get me a team! But, since you need a list.... Detroit Calgary Winnipeg Chicago Boston whatever.... -Greg FAll SNES B Winnipeg
  10. As the 9th seed in the West, I'm not happy. But, I had my chances to win and lost. Just like the real Winnipeg. -Greg
  11. Hi, I know it's late and I know this post won't change any FF's, but I'd really like to play the 3 games I have against SNES B Edmonton. If I can win just one, I may be in the playoffs, so obviously these games are pretty important to me. I think it's rediculous how Edmonton got a new GM with 1 day left is the season. Not exactly a whole lot of time to make up for 2 monthes of neglect by the previous coach. -Greg
  12. Yep and you can read all about it in my new book "Manual Goalie: Automatic Death" due out this Spring..... -Greg
  13. Not yet......... Exaclty. -Greg
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