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  1. I got this too, C:\ POINTER 3 FILE ERROR What does that mean? All my files have been extracted, why won't it start up for me?
  2. 1) I unzipped the files to folders on my C:\ drive (C:\nhl95 and C:\hockey) 2) I typed this into DOSBOX: mount c c:\nhl95 -t cdrom 3) then I typed c:\hockey It says please free up at least 2 Kbytes of disk space. H-E-L-P....pleeeease...
  3. Thanks for the help WILLSOLO, will try to see what I can come up with...so you think it will work if put a folder for the game files and for the virtual drive both on my C:\...?
  4. I was going to try and do it exactly the way you did...how can I make a folder on my virtual drive (CD DRIVE D:) to unzip the files to? When I click on CD Drive (D:) it just says please insert a disk into Drive D- I can't find an option to make a folder? Sorry I am such a computer moron...
  5. Alright, I am going to try this...hopefully I can get it going...
  6. Ouzo, Can you tell me what you type in on DOSBOX in the last part of the file extension to get the game to work. Like which file in the game's folder do I use for the last step in loading the game in DOSBOX? Thanks!!!
  7. The work and time Evan and Jacob in particular put in do not go unnoticed...it truly is a small amount of pain now for great leagues in the future...thanks boys!!!
  8. Hullie, I would really appreciate it if you could help me out with this project, I am a total noob when it comes to stuff like this and I REALLY want to try NHL95 PC version. I was able to download the ZIP file from the website and then used TUGZIP to unzip the file. I also downloaded DOSBOX, but that is kind of where I am stuck. Can you tell me exactly what to type in the prompt for DOSBOX to load the game? I would also appreciate it if you could tell me a little about the game- I am completely intrigued by just two screenshots that I have seen. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! AIM- hockeyman1983cgy E-MAIL- hockeyman1983@hotmail.com
  9. WBOY, thank you so much for your help in this cause, I really appreciate it...I was able to unzip the file using the TUGZIP application...I also downloaded DOSBOX...however, I am not very computer astute when it came to following the DOSBOX directions on how to load the NHL95 PC game, it was a little too confusing for me to do. Anyways, I really appreciate your help, I guess I will wait until the www.nhl95.com site is back, maybe they will have an easier download for me. I'm still really interested in this game, can anyone who has played it tell me if it is worth the effort to try and get it working? I've only seen two screenshots (but they look really good)...if the graphics are that sharp and it still has the 94 gameplay, with a season mode it sounds like a must-have... Any advice would be appreciated, thanks boys!!
  10. WBOY, thank you so much for the help- I was able to download the NHL95 PC ZIP file using FlashGet, but now when I am trying to extract the files I get the message: The Compressed (zipped) Folder is invalid or corrupted. I tried to right-click on the ZIP file and select 'Extract All...' but it said there were no files to extract. Any suggestions? I just want to play NHL95 for the PC
  11. I also downloaded the ZIP file but tried extracting it and received a corrupt file prompt. I tried the FlashGet download manager but I am not a computer whiz, so I couldn't get it to download the "Telecharger" file. If someone could please help I would be much obliged- I am chomping at the bit to try out NHL95 for PC...thank you so much guys!! AIM: hockeyman1983cgy E-MAIL: hockeyman1983@hotmail.com
  12. I would just like to know where I can download NHL 95 for PC...after seeing the screen shot of it, it looks totally sharp and awesome- not to mention the fact that it apparently has a full season mode and it plays like NHL94 for Genesis, not the NHL95 Genesis gameplay. Any help on this would be much appreciated- which emulator do I need to download for it to work??? Thank you in advance!! GO FLAMES GO!
  13. I love it, what a fantastic idea...I need to get a Calgary Fleury one!
  14. Can't wait...can anyone ballpark a general date for when Spring 2007 Registration may commence. THANK YOU Evan and Co.! GO FLAMES GO!!!
  15. That's a good picture of Theo, man do I miss him playing for the Flaming C... It was a good game, New Jersey has lots of stars-they are certainly capable of winning hockey games...Calgary just got all the bounces and luck.
  16. 01 Best Overall Coach - addisonbr 02 Best Sportsmanship Coach - addisonbr 03 Best One-Timer Coach - Cash Money 04 Best Deke Coach - Newjerseykillers 05 Best Slapshot Coach - Evan 06 Best Defensive Coach - Cash Money 07 Best Offensive Coach - addisonbr 08 Most Improved Coach - Take You Pill 09 Best Coach With A Low Rated Team - Wilsonfest 10 Best Replacement Coach - Newjerseykillers 11 Best Rookie Coach - Cash Money 12 Coach Who Stuck It Out Through The Hard Times - Murph
  17. Played a preaseason game- I'm good to go for the Regular Season. Just tell me when.
  18. Somebody please IM me to play a preseason game: AIM = hockeyman1983cgy