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  1. You guys ready for season 6 yet? j/k I think I found the old database for seasons 1-5.
  2. If anybody is still around, what needs to be done to get a new season going?
  3. most shots
  4. Dadonch is on the right track. Playing against and, especially, beating opponents with good records is the key to the formula I used. I think I posted the formula on here at some point, but I don't remember it off the top of my head.
  5. not sure if it was a re-make
  6. lol sorry man, didn't even look at who had played, i just queried the database because i was interested. I did notice the best passing % game was by Kgman, who managed to go a staggering 1 for 1 for 100%
  8. You are correct, shaftman. Time-releasing the schedule was only to limit uploads, not to limit games from being played. Limiting uploads was meant to create scoring and playoff races, etc. I guess that method lacks instant gratification, and/or it is too much of a hassle to keep files organized for upload at a later date. So, all of the games are now available for upload.
  9. Can't be done until the final rosters are in the database.
  10. The league can't start until the rosters are in the database. When I get the rom everything will be ready to go shortly thereafter.
  11. Sorry I forgot about this over the weekend. Somebody will need to update the draft picks.
  12. I missed your other post last week. I just deleted that game so if you still have the file you can upload it.
  13. Hey guys sorry I missed this post. Do you still have the file?
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