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  1. Lol, Every single gripe in under 40 words, gotta love the Raph mentality, state the rules, and let's line up, and play so I can kick your ass lol. Some may say Raph has complained about other things, but I've never heard him complaining about being at a disadvantage because of any rules, hacks ect. Gotta love that.
  2. Talked to Wally in the spring he said he is probably done for good if I remember correctly.
  3. Oh and FYI when I was at my best it was mostly from practicing the 1 v 1 rom TK made, and trying to emulate, and master his dekes from his Klima GDL 9 playoff goal compilation, and numerous chats on aim with him about it, and advice from him on how to achieve it. Big shout to TK, maybe if I was more coachable (I am terrible at being coached like worst) I'd probably be an A player.
  4. I believe there is an A player inside of me somewhere, and every blue moon has actually reared its head, but for the most part I've always been a B player. Reasons I think for this is poor manual goalie, lack of patience, controller issues, BUT the biggest thing I think that holds me back, and might be something that I will never be able to get over making me a career B player is something that is rarely talked about on here, and is probably one of the most important things is not having the vision, anticipation (anticipation in general is huge something else I'm poor at which holds me back), and knowing where the off screen players are for both my team, and my opponents, IF you can master that you can compete with the best with average skills everywhere else IMO, but can't compete with the best without even if your an above average player elsewhere. Anyways that's my .02 I'm sure some disagree with it, but whatever.
  5. In, I didn't vote on league format question 1, reason is I'd prefer another option that I mentioned to you and will mention here. Penalties ON, penalty time set to 0:00 so always play at 5 on 5, but don't need to hack the b button checking, and also keeps penalty shots in the game. Anyways I'm in regardless of the format, but that's my preference on format.
  6. Jets LW Zhamnov C JR RW Bure Dmen fine the way they are in preseason rom XF Borshevsky XD Cam Russell
  7. v13 forgot to change kasa number plabaxipreseason_v13.bin
  8. V12 to reflect last trade/ plabaxipreseason_v12.bin
  9. Lupz trades Klima and Stevens to Brutus for Bure and Kasatanov
  10. Version 9 reflecting last trade plabaxipreseason_v09.bin
  11. Lupz trades Ulf Sammy to Chefstar88 for Stevens.
  12. Lupz trades Hawerchuck and Gilmour to Depch for JR and Bassen. Lupz drops Bassen and picks up Borshevsky.
  13. Lupz trades Roy and Turgeon to Chefsuperstar88 for Theo Fluery and Soderstrom.
  14. Lupz trades Ranford and Sandstrom to Raph for Roy and Turgeon
  15. The lines you have in the preseason rom is perfect
  16. Yeah so it's NHL 93 with stick swinging!
  17. Lupz trades pick to JV for Granato JV selects Trevor Linden
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