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  1. Lupz trades Hogue and 4.9 to Plabax for Ranford, and Sandstrom
  2. Lupz trades 3.16 and 4.2 to jv for Suter and 4.9 JV picks Zhitnik
  3. Lupz takes B Hougue with 3.8 JV takes G Suter with 3.9
  4. Lupz trades Mario and Recchi to Habs for Klima and 3.8 give me 5 to decide on pick:
  5. If you want Tx to be apart of the league it's probably better to try, and have the 8 round draft finished by Tuesday, that's when he is available till.
  6. Hey bud let me know when is good for you to get this thing in, I know we have the whole time zone difference so hopefully we can work out a good time for both.
  7. I will be on from 8 till the sun comes up tonight, Saturday, and Sunday night. I need about half the league so come get your free wins.
  8. I will be on every night for 7 str8 nights from 7 PM till 5 AM starting next Thursday so if you need a coach to finish a season last minute let me know.
  9. Tx is a high level player, but he has been in all the B classic leagues since Fall 14, and has never won a classic championship so he should be allowed to compete still in B.
  10. I was on I missed you bud, I should be around most nights from now till deadline hit me up.
  11. Sorry bud I was watching the Mets game, and fell asleep in the 9th inning after putting my son to bed, PM me on Monday to remind me, and I'll be around.
  12. I should be on tonight Raph, fell asleep last night in the 9th inning of the Mets game.
  13. Need games vs 9 coaches, and unlike my past I am scrambling to finish in the 11th hour, I apologize as I have had serious personal s**t happen to me that I don't want to talk about. Anyways I should be on most nights after 10 PM eastern from here on till the deadline I need 22 games, and whoever I don't get to I am sorry, and Brute give those boys wins not DNP's. See you boys on the ice.
  14. Message me also I will be around from Noon to 5 PM eastern.
  15. NYR LW Spezza C Taveras RW Kessel LD Oduya RD Suter G Allen X Pannarin Line 2 LW Kessel C Kessel RW Pannarin LD Vlasic RD Vlasic X Spezza Change T Krug # to 74, or 48, or whatever he is my 4th dman don't really care.
  16. My problem is say it's Tuesday and Thursday I can't participate I have bowling on Tuesdays and Whiffle ball on Thursday nights, if it rotates it solves these type of issues.
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