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  1. With the idea I posted season should be 8 weeks with the rotation cycling twice
  2. So week 1 Mon and Fri, Week 2 Tuesday And Saturday, Week 3 Wed and Sunday week 4 Thursday and Friday for that back to back action
  3. 7.12 Darko selects Alex Elder 7.13 Lupz selects Rick Nash
  4. Yes there are plenty of slackers every year, but the same coaches who are willing to go the extra step (yes may not be fair to them that they have to but) always seem to get to 56 games.
  5. Lupz trades 4.13 and 5.13 to JandJ for 4.5 and 6.5
  6. 3.12 Darko selects Z Parise 3.13 Lupz selects J Spezza
  7. Ba55 and the Montreal Canadians select with 3.7 (don't trade him to the Rangers this time) D Ryan McDounagh
  8. I'd love a new league with the rom used for the GDL tourney with a gdl type draft with 12 coaches, draft gets done in 1 day, trade deadline 3 days later, season starts 3 days later, 32 game schedule 2 week league, 16 games a week. Obviously you would need to find the RIGHT 12 coaches for that type of league. And I do think there is 12 in the community if the league happened at the right time of year.
  9. I just want one more season of Blitz so my name appears on the front cover as reigning B champ lol, Lord knows I'm never winning anything else.
  10. CBK informed me he was selecting Jon Toews with pick 1.4 via AIM.
  11. Get this s**t out of Long Island, bring it into the city, getting to LI for most is a cluster f**k. Even more so then getting to NYC.
  12. Updated lines for San Jose LW Oates C Selanne RW Jagr LD Murphy RD Zalapski X Bassen G Beaupre Have Lidster sub on D for both players Jagr come in at LW and C for penalties thx.
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