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  1. Lupz trades Bondra Manson CuJo to Sic for Oates ZZ and Beaupre
  2. Lupz sends Fedorov Blake and Richter to Frey for Bondra G Murphy and CuJo
  3. Fedorov upset playing 2nd fiddle once again in San Jose, so he is available, send over offers. Manson and Blake also available.
  4. Lupz beats Hokkee 3-0 in a best of 5 in 1st round
  5. LW Fedorov C Selanne RW Jagr LD Blake RD Manson X Bassen G Richter LD Lidster Rd Lidster LW Jagr C Jagr RW Fedorov X Bassen G Richter
  6. After Brutus and Raph/AJ Blockbuster gdl16_practiceV5.bin
  7. What time does the tourney start? I am working nights, I can take Saturday night ogg, but if it starts at like noon I wouldn't be able to make it between commute and working the night before I would need some sleep, and an earl start kills this for me. 3 or later I'd be like 50/50.
  8. gdl16_practiceV2.bin fixed a team
  9. gdl16_practiceV1.bin Updated up to beginning of RD 10
  10. this one is good through pick 8.4 gdl16_pract_rom_1.bin
  11. lupz trades 6.3 and 6.11 for 4.18 and 7.21 Confirmed by J&J
  12. Lupz trades 6.20 and 7.22 to Sic for 6.11 and 8.11 Confirmed by Sicarius
  13. I know it is gay, but I need every advantage I will take GDL 1 Philly
  14. Lupz trades 2.1 2.3 and 4.3 to FPB for 1.6 3.6 and 5.6 Confirmed by FPB.
  15. There is plenty of Gens emulators on Android, and works fine when downloading any .bin file from here, not sure about the Iphone.
  16. Plenty of open teams, Oilers, Blue Jackets Kings are a couple that come to mind.
  17. He lives! Glad to hear your thinking of coming back, GL in your endeavors.
  18. I am against the idea of social media so clowns like premium Plabax can go stalking everyone, and find out all their personal info. I tell people I want to know about my personal s**t including a bunch of people on this site, but Facebook to me is the f**king devil.
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