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  1. DAAAAAMN !!!! For a second i thought it was Berlin Germany ... i would have loved to do it where i live.
  2. I can't make it since i live oversea but what i do to up my game when i'm alone is to play with the FLO worst line as visitors and without a goalie against a All Star team. It helps a lot for the defense skills. On the other side if you cracked the offense skills you need, you'll still score a lot.
  3. I'm waiting like a kid before christmas for the 2015 ROM. I know i'm really late to the party but i have only one wish for it, on the 2014 version the markers on the players are blue and green, i have a hard time to see the blue one because it blend with the ice color somehow. It might have been already talked about here but it would be perfect if the markers ( known as star in the original version ) are in a brighter color like red and yellow for exemple.
  4. KingRaph, any chance you post the Video of the game, i would love to see it. Congrats !
  5. Funny stuff here ! I may disappoint you all when i tell you my story and i'll keep it short, very short . Me and my wife, we work at/from home, we work together since 10 years now and it has its ups and down, mostly ups. I play NHL on my computer with a good old SNES emulator and when i put the controller out of my drawer to play, to relax after a good working day, my wife always says the same ... " I like you, you're cute playing your old game." ( I only play NHL94 or Actual rosters versions of it ) I might keep her for a good while, she is GOLD !