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  1. Quadruple Deke

    Updated NHL 2019 by Skip & Slapshot67 - V3

    Thank you, as always. Also - is Weekesy aware of this? That's kind of a big deal.
  2. Quadruple Deke

    NHL 2018 by Slapshot67 & Skip

    Yes sir. Appears to be about 10 minutes from you.
  3. Quadruple Deke

    NHL 2018 by Slapshot67 & Skip

    You don't update every team's ratings after every game? Better yet, you should update each player's rating after every shot/goal/save to keep things accurate. Seriously though, this ROM is a-m-a-z-i-n-g. Thank you, skip & slapshot!
  4. Quadruple Deke

    TOOL: Roster extracter/importer tool

    I just checked and it worked fine. Did you change the number of teams from 28 to 30?
  5. Some of these have already been mentioned... and others are just pipe dreams... - season mode - changing lines without the puck - better goalie physics (maybe continue to slide while making a save, not just freezing in place) - tougher COM defense (offensive players get mauled trying to enter the front of the crease) - smarter COM offense (players get in better shooting positions, shoot at better angles, etc) Ever watch a COM/COM shootout? My God. - less accurate one timers - not totally inaccurate, just less accurate that normal shots - pucks should hit top of the glass on dump-ins (not use the bottom of the boards as the base line) too many pucks leave the rink when they should be hitting the top of the glass (annoying) - Fighting! - allow for shot deflections (both manually attempted and natural physics) - more goalie rebounds - hate when slapshots just stick to the goalie - icing seems to be called when puck is released on the red line - so move the base line back a bit - slightly better agility for all players... slightly - back of the net bulge on goals (I mean, NES Ice Hockey had this) - longer replays - one timer attempt only lasts for a second or two (don't attempt one timer when trying to speed burst after a missed attempt) - add a 4th line
  6. Quadruple Deke

    Computer "Juice" Mode

    I believe you are correct.... and I'm cool with that. I spent considerable time reading through old posts to see if I could dig up something, then just decided to ask to be sure. Thanks for posting the link to your ROM, btw. I plan to try it out soon enough. Go Bs!
  7. Quadruple Deke

    Computer "Juice" Mode

    Really appreciate all the replies and ideas here. @kingraph - I have debated playing online. I'm married with 3 young kids and have a somewhat demanding job that I have trouble disconnecting from. That simple game on 5 minute periods could potentially get paused 2, 3, 4 times when life calls and I'd hate to be the person on the other end just sitting there waiting. @CoachMac - you're right about TSB. The guys at TB.org have that game figured out! That is what gave me this idea. I like your ideas. Ultimately, I was hoping to keep an updated ROM every year, but it is really only worth it to me if I can somehow make it challenging no matter what the circumstance (home/away) and without pulling goalies, only playing as certain teams, etc.
  8. Quadruple Deke

    NHL16 ROM - Midseason Update by Skip

    Skip - I've been playing your updated ROMs for a while now. They are very well done. Thank you and keep up the great work.
  9. Quadruple Deke

    Computer "Juice" Mode

    Thanks, kingraph, for the quick reply. I was aware of the team boost ratings as I have played around with EARE/NOSE and some of the other tools before. It's the second point you mentioned that intrigues me - and I'm glad I was not imagining things by thinking the COM went into invincibility mode every now and then. I really wish there was more knowledge around this (because I'm not smart enough to figure it out for myself or have that in depth knowledge of hacking). For the casual gamer who doesn't have time to coordinate man vs. man play and is limited to a game or two against the COM when time permits. Somewhere along the line, winning games 15-0 became a turn off. And the thought of upgrading from my GENS emulator and NHL94 ROM is an even bigger turn off. Anyways, thanks again. If by chance there's anyone that does have knowledge on this and is willing to share, please do.
  10. Quadruple Deke

    Computer "Juice" Mode

    Hey guys - Long time lurker/lover of NHL94 - first time poster. I have but one simple (or maybe not so simple) NHL94 editing question as I have some previous experience with sports ROM hacking. Occasionally, the game seems to send the COM into juice mode where the gameplay becomes "tougher". Is the hex location of this known/is there a way to make the COM "tougher"? Not necessarily making the COM act smarter, but a way to increase the attributes of COM controlled players? Anything.... Thanks in advance, -Deke