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  1. 1. kingraph vs. lowest wild card seed 2. Depch vs. second lowest wild card seed 3. Plabax vs. 6. HABS 4. Uncle Seth vs. 5. brutus ---------------------------------------- 7. zeppelin55 vs. 10 jackandjose 8. TexasPachyderm vs. 9 Lupz27 There is no hard deadline for playoff rounds, but if I become bothered I will make one. There won't be a playoff ROM as the one we used during the regular season has 99min OT. Also, we will reseed.
  2. It's Kaillera, not anyone's internet. Nobody lags on SNES, and nobody lags on Kega Fusion. I'm sure nobody in the community has slow internet either. It's 2017. There just isn't a way for everyone to play lagless GENS.
  3. If you can't even take out Freydey you have no business taking me out easily.. he's a clear step below me.
  4. You must have been dreaming! Did you beat me as easy as you beat Freydey in your dreams?
  5. The deadline for assigning my penalties was midnight, so no I was not 48 hours late, in fact, I was technically early. You know you love me. You are constantly reading my threads, PMing me asking to join my league, PMing me asking me how to enable B checks with no penalties for you, etc. I hope you will be there to congratulate me on my league title!
  6. It's like Tyson Gay, the guy who beat Usain Bolt in a race ONCE in his life (while on steroids) saying that he's a better runner than Usain Bolt even after the 2016 Olympics where he didn't qualify for the finals because Usain Bolt didn't beat him in the 100m final. What a joke. I am the current GDL champion. Just listen and hear me out: It makes no sense for Raph to lose to FPB in GDL. The reason he lost to FPB is because he couldn't destroy him with the CB and he couldn't stop JR. Even though Raph was better, he got smoked because he couldn't outcheese FPB. I think Raph cheesed me in G
  7. They will be deleted / not counted. It should also be 26 games!
  8. CHECKPOINT 4 - JANUARY 30TH, 2017 Missed Chefstar - 2 - BOOT Icestorm - 2 - BOOT --------------------------------------------------------------------------- The next checkpoint is February 5th, 2017, and all 26 games are required. You won't make the playoffs otherwise!
  9. I already said I was a bigtime CB checker. I used the CB check to my advantage when I swept you 4-0 too, but I have still given beatdowns and I still won 5 titles without it. CB check or not, my stats don't fluctuate like Raph's do. Raph would know that I don't CB check ANYMORE if: he actually read the posts in the thread and if he could make it past round 2 to play against me.
  10. No, he gets rolled over in GDL after the improvement. He claims he improved, but he got knocked out in round 2 after. If he improved as a player, why did he lose in round 2 afterwards in 5 games?
  11. It takes skill, but it's still cheese. You guys can say what you want, but the numbers are right in your face. NOBODY was able to get under 2.94GAA without it, yet with the CB check the worst we see is 2.61GAA. What is wrong in me saying it's because of the CB check? It's just a night and day observation. It's a good one too because when Raph can't take advantage of the CB check, he tends to lose in 4 straight or 5 games. It just doesn't make any sense, how can he ever lose in 4 straight or in 5 games if he really is that good at defense? You guys just can't admit the truth, and we
  12. We all know I can't be stopped in Blitz.. let's not act like it's close Plabax is perfect when the cheese is removed and has never even seen a game 7 despite having the most titles ever. Nobody has ever even beat me in consecutive games in the playoffs!
  13. Even if all that is true, AJ still got the same results in GDL16 using the same blueprint. I just don't see how the massive difference in play comes down to anything else but the CB check. It's the only thing there is to factor out. Seriously, there is a 0.6 gap between GDL14 Raph and GDL09 Carse. Then with GDL16 AJ and GDL09 Carse it's 0.33.That's huge. That's the equivalent of averaging 9.5 and 8.8 goals a game without a top player.
  14. Take a look at the "GDL Records" thread, and look at the best GAA. Before the CB check, the top 5 were ALL from season 1 and season 2. Kind of odd, right? The next best is from Carse's GDL09 team. Carse's GDL09 team doesn't even come close to the #5 rated team from GDL 1 and 2. Carse gave up 0.15 more goals a game. However, when you compare Carse's team to the next best teams, you see that they only gave up 0.02 to 0.04 more goals a game. I am pretty sure this includes at least 11 seasons of sample size (GDL 06-16). If not, then it includes at least 8 (GDL 09-16), which is still a lot. No
  15. I think actual skill in defending is more important than the players when it comes to stopping superstars. Guys who struggle against superstars do so consistently no matter who they have. For example, Icestorm and I are not going to struggle to stop JR with two random guys such as Sandis Ozolinsh and Jeff Brown on D. And for others such as Freydey and KingRaph, they will likely struggle against a superstar player no matter who they have on defense. It's not about the superstars being too good, it's about knowing how to stop it. On the other hand, I just don't think there is a way to
  16. I misread your comment. It's the case against the very good players, I agree. Raph is super skilled with it and there is a point that I think has passed where no level of pure-skill offence can defeat it.
  17. Well said. I'm leaning on it being impossible. It's like trying to win with a team full of 25OVR players. It doesn't matter how good you are, you just won't be able to win.
  18. I don't buy the argument that superstars were unstoppable with A+. Since I started playing, we've had for top scorers: GDL 10 - Klima (Carse) GDL 11 - Klima (FPB) GDL 12 - Dino (Raph) GDL 13 - Klima (Raph) GDL 14 - Mogilny (Icestorm) GDL 15 - Roenick (FPB) GDL 16 - Klima (Freydey) We've also seen FPB w/ Mogilny, BoKnowsNHL94 w/ Bure, HABS w/ Roenick, me w/ Roenick, and guess what: NONE of those "unstoppable" superstars did anything with the exception of GDL15, and I wasn't playing. I took out Carse w/ Klima/Gretzky, FPB w/ Klima, FPB w/ Yzerman, Raph w/Klima, Zale
  19. I believe that the CB check allows for teams to be built to never lose to certain teams, regardless of skill. A player like Raph or AJ is skilled enough to the point where they will never lose against teams without certain players, even if their opponent is way better than them. Not everyone can draft a team to beat the CB check.
  20. Relax. I discovered it by chance, played 4 regular season games to see if it was legit, then I made a thread on it. Mad?
  21. I was a bigtime CB checker. I stopped because it was cheap. I won more titles than you (and anyone else) while using it. 7PPG is great and all, but I prefer my 7 titles.
  22. lol. I would crush you with JR, get real. I mean a team in Blitz that's worse relative to your GDL one. In Blitz, the team doesn't matter, it's the skill of the player. With the CB check, it's the team, not the skill of the player.
  23. My argument seems to be outrageous, but I truly believe that even if a player were to come along and be 100x better than me, he would be unable to win with a team like your GDL16 team or my GDL14 team against a well-built CB checking team. It's just like how I would be unable to win GENS-C with a team full of 25OVR players. However, a coach can use a team that was worse than yours in Blitz, and have no problem winning as long as he is the most skilled coach.
  24. Even with a great team, you still aren't better than Raph or Seth. You won not because of your skill, but because of the team matchup. My point is that, the CB check involves playing the team more than playing the player. Skill can be thrown out the window. Even if you were better than Raph or Seth, it wouldn't matter unless you had the right combination of players. You could still make a very good team and lose because the CB check counters it. On the flip side, you don't have to be better than your opponent if you have the right combination of players.