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  1. Well said. I'm leaning on it being impossible. It's like trying to win with a team full of 25OVR players. It doesn't matter how good you are, you just won't be able to win.
  2. I don't buy the argument that superstars were unstoppable with A+. Since I started playing, we've had for top scorers: GDL 10 - Klima (Carse) GDL 11 - Klima (FPB) GDL 12 - Dino (Raph) GDL 13 - Klima (Raph) GDL 14 - Mogilny (Icestorm) GDL 15 - Roenick (FPB) GDL 16 - Klima (Freydey) We've also seen FPB w/ Mogilny, BoKnowsNHL94 w/ Bure, HABS w/ Roenick, me w/ Roenick, and guess what: NONE of those "unstoppable" superstars did anything with the exception of GDL15, and I wasn't playing. I took out Carse w/ Klima/Gretzky, FPB w/ Klima, FPB w/ Yzerman, Raph w/Klima, Zalex w/ Roenick, Seth w/ Klima, Ice w/Mogilny, and Freydey w/Klima. All dominant victories on my part. I find it odd that the ONLY times I have truly struggled are against the CB check when I don't have a certain set of players. If these superstars are so good and unstoppable, and I can dismantle all of them and win close to 100% of the time, why can't I defeat Raph without speed or heavy players unless the CB check is not in play? I can destroy anybody and anyone until the CB check is thrown in. I don't think it's a coincidence. Raph is so good with the CB check to the point where it has become impossible to win unless you can somehow avoid being checked down by either countering via. weight, or using a fast player. That's why I kept Russ in my Plabax League. He's the only player that I have that can be effective against him. However, in Blitz you can't get that same kind of advantage, and that's why I believe I have a much easier time dealing with Raph in Blitz, even with a weaker team. Despite this, Raph is still a very good player, and that's why he performs extremely well in Blitz. Raph plays me tough in Blitz, but it's NOWHERE near the level of toughness I face with the CB check. I have won more titles than everyone else COMBINED since my first GDL one, so to me it makes sense that I should be winning and never getting crushed by players who get crushed by subpar ones, which is the case when the CB check is out of the equation.
  3. I believe that the CB check allows for teams to be built to never lose to certain teams, regardless of skill. A player like Raph or AJ is skilled enough to the point where they will never lose against teams without certain players, even if their opponent is way better than them. Not everyone can draft a team to beat the CB check.
  4. Relax. I discovered it by chance, played 4 regular season games to see if it was legit, then I made a thread on it. Mad?
  5. I was a bigtime CB checker. I stopped because it was cheap. I won more titles than you (and anyone else) while using it. 7PPG is great and all, but I prefer my 7 titles.
  6. lol. I would crush you with JR, get real. I mean a team in Blitz that's worse relative to your GDL one. In Blitz, the team doesn't matter, it's the skill of the player. With the CB check, it's the team, not the skill of the player.
  7. My argument seems to be outrageous, but I truly believe that even if a player were to come along and be 100x better than me, he would be unable to win with a team like your GDL16 team or my GDL14 team against a well-built CB checking team. It's just like how I would be unable to win GENS-C with a team full of 25OVR players. However, a coach can use a team that was worse than yours in Blitz, and have no problem winning as long as he is the most skilled coach.
  8. Even with a great team, you still aren't better than Raph or Seth. You won not because of your skill, but because of the team matchup. My point is that, the CB check involves playing the team more than playing the player. Skill can be thrown out the window. Even if you were better than Raph or Seth, it wouldn't matter unless you had the right combination of players. You could still make a very good team and lose because the CB check counters it. On the flip side, you don't have to be better than your opponent if you have the right combination of players.
  9. Yeah, when Raph was a replacement. You lost to Seth, a player who you took out in 5 the season before.
  10. It's not to take anything away from Raph or any other skilled CB checker, but what I am trying to say essentially is: Guys like Raph are too SKILLED for anyone to ever be able to beat them without a counter. Take a note of all the teams that eliminated Raph without the CB check and compare it to the teams that eliminated him with it. You NEED to have a counter to the CB check to beat him when it's enabled. The CB check is not countered by skill, but it's countered by the right combination of players. Even if you were 10x as good as Raph, you still would get your ass handed to you without an extremely good player / team. On the flip side, even if Raph were better than you, you would still have a very good shot at beating him if you could counter the CB check. See: FPB, who had Roenick and beat Raph in 5 games but is not a better player than Raph. Another example: Angryjay. Clearly an inferior player to myself, but I would lose to him and the CB check 100% of the time if I used a team such as my GDL14 roster.
  11. KingRaph will likely NEVER lose (in a draft league) to any coach who doesn't have a team that can counter it. You guys can play all you want, but know that your chances are pretty much zero if you don't have the right players. That's certainly not the case without the CB check. You don't need to counter the B or C check to win. Blitz is much easier for me to win even without a great team, and the reason why is painfully obvious.
  12. I obviously don't come close to leading any league in body checking (besides maybe GDL16, a team I didn't draft). I don't understand how HABS could look at my rosters and even think so. Not only that, but we have played so many times and I rarely body check him. This lack of awareness about the game is what results in having no championships. Just completely clueless. --------- The pass shot comparison is not the same thing. The pass shot isn't valued high enough to make it scarce. The fact is: It is IMPOSSIBLE to build a good body checking team without the CB check. The fact that you can now is an advantage. Before it was a pick your poison type of deal with the B check vs. the C check, now it's that the CB check is flat out better. There is no question. Seriously, what's better: Gord Hynes and Tom Pedersen or Zarley Zalapski and Dave Manson? Without the CB check, people will tell you the first pairing is. But a guy like myself will say the second one is. With the CB check, everyone will tell you the second, but the CB checkers wouldnt mind playing with the first pair anyway, whereas I would. It's not as simple as "playing to your strengths". The body checkers love BOTH pairings with CB enabled, but only one without it. I only love one pairing regardless.
  13. How was I able draft Roenick, LaFontaine, Gilmour and Leetch in Blitz? How was I able to draft Gretzky, Lemieux, Carson, Coffey and Murphy in GDL before the CB check? It's obviously because I don't body check. I have the same draft strategies now, but it's literally impossible to build the teams of the same quality in GDL whereas I could still make great teams in Blitz was (where there is no CB). How you cannot see the "tradeoff" aspect is crazy. There is no coincidence that the heavy players started getting drafted earlier once the CB check came along. If the CB check didn't exist, everyone would just be picking all of the buggers.
  14. No. Quebec will remain at 0 games. Thanks for the offer though
  15. Plain and simple: People would always pass up on skill for body checking. Now that the best players are the best body checkers, the CB check gets the best of both worlds while the non body checkers get worse players. It doesn't matter if you don't think of it like that. That's clearly what it is. The guys who never used to draft heavy players are doing so now.
  16. When people have to debate whether or not to draft Cam Neely over Steve Yzerman, or Jimmy Carson over Pat LaFontaine in Blitz, you don't see any tradeoff?
  17. If you prefer bad game balance, then sure. But I think the CB check is objectively the worst. You can prefer living on the streets to a luxury lifestyle, but I wouldn't say it's an easy argument to make.
  18. Yeah the top guys can all avoid checks, but not everyone gets those players. Deciding not to use CB check is on me, but there should be a benefit to not using it. Even if the coaches aren't good at the CB check, they are still taking all of the players they wouldn't take otherwise. So whether I use it or not, I'm still disadvantaged in the sense that I don't have as good of a team as I should be using, whereas my opponents are advantaged because they get to use a better team than they should be using.
  19. It's a disadvantage for those who do not CB check because you cannot have the best of both worlds otherwise. Drafting someone for skill means no body checking and vice versa (outside of the top players). In Blitz, you can draft Neely or you can draft Yzerman. You can draft Carson or you can draft LaFontaine. In classic (No CB), you can draft Pedersen or you can draft Scott Stevens, or you can draft Kovalenko/Bradley vs. Lemieux. There is no such tradeoff with the CB check. Without the CB check, you CANNOT build a skilled team of body checkers. Just like how you can't do it in Blitz. With the CB check you can, but the non CB checkers can't, and the non CB checkers now no longer have selection to quality of players that they would have otherwise, so that's where I feel the disadvantage comes in. A guy like Jagr or Messier is a perfect example. There are no mid-round players who can body check with 5 agility and 5 stickhandling. Jimmy Carson is another example. There are no mid-round players who can body check and shoot the puck. It's impossible to even draft a good player who can body check past the second round. Now you can draft good players who can body check in rounds 3,4,5,6 and so on and there really is nothing to compensate for those who don't CB check. Yes it's my choice to NOT CB check, but I draft players based on their skill. Because of this I should get picks like Gretzky/Lemieux/Coffey/Murphy, Oates/Lemieux/Bourque/Coffey (Classic, no CB), or Klima/Recchi, Klima/LaFontaine, Roenick/LaFontaine/Gilmour, Ciccarelli/LaFontaine like in Blitz (where it's 100% real), but I don't, whereas the CB checkers get a vastly improved selection of players. At the end of the day, it is a bug and when you take it out, you see how much easier it becomes to make highly skilled teams (Blitz, GDL11 (although I CB checked)) because the trade-off exists. ----------------------------------------------------------- There is no bending the narrative. Nobody would be drafting Lemieux or Messier if there were no CB check. We already have the comment from Raph in which he selected one of the BEST players available, and implied that it was only because of the CB check. Most don't care about the player skill. They would rather have Gord Hynes and Tom Pedersen than Scott Stevens and Zarley Zalapski. Everyone would laugh at Hokkee for drafting Mark Messier. In Blitz 09, I drafted Klima, Recchi, Leetch, Sweeney and people told me my team sucked because it didn't have super body checkers on it. There is more to the game than body checking. ----------------------------------------- If you aren't good enough to use fat players without body checking, then that is too bad (in my opinion). There is nothing wrong with Eric Lindros and Jaromir Jagr. If you are also unable to stop JR because you can't body check him, then that is also too bad. It's definitely harder to defeat a skilled CB checking team than it is to be good with skilled fatties or stop a superstar player without the CB check.
  20. My problem with the CB check is that you get the best of both worlds when drafting: Drafting a player for body checking should result in a sacrifice of skill, and drafting a player for skill should result in a sacrifice of body checking. When a non CB checker like me goes to draft a player like Larry Murphy, the ability to body check is sacrificed. If I wanted a body checker, I would have to draft a player like Russell, Hynes, etc. However, when a CB checker goes to draft a player for body checking, they don't need to sacrifice any skill because the most ideal body checker is going to be one of the best players available. When a CB checker drafts Larry Murphy, you aren't sacrificing anything in missing out on Gord Hynes and Cam Russell because what they offer (body checking) is covered by the CB check. If I wanted a solid body checking defenseman, I would have to draft one of Sweeney, Zhitnik, Lidstrom or Svoboda. All of which are drafted too high in the sense that there are more skilled players available. This is not the case for CB checkers. Since I don't want to body check, I go for the skilled players. However the pool of skilled players is worse than it should be because the CB checkers have been taking from it. When the CB checkers should have been taking Zhitnik, they were taking Zalapski, putting the non CB checkers at a disadvantage. ------------------------------------------------- During the Plabax League draft, Raph had a comment along the lines of "why would I draft Mark Messier without the CB check?". Even though Messier was probably the best or close to the best player available without the CB check, this comment was made.Knowing that Messier is a skilled player, we can come to the conclusion that Raph values body checking more than skill. Without the CB check, I assume Raph would go for the best checker available regardless, who would be someone like Gary Leeman, Nelson Emerson or Dallas Drake. Out of these players, Messier is the only one who is actually skilled. Messier has 5 agility, 5 stickhandling and high awareness. Without the CB check, who are the only good body checkers who have similar skillsets? Wayne Gretzky, Pat LaFontaine and Doug Gilmour. Or you could settle for Denis Savard/Pelle Eklund, all who you can almost never draft at a position as low as you can Messier. So, instead of Raph drafting Gary Leeman and leaving Messier for me, he drafts Messier and leaves me with the next best guy (assuming he wants to body check and I don't). ------------------------------------------------------- You can say I can't complain because I'm making the choice to never CB check, but I just don't feel good about doing it when there are others who don't CB check.
  21. Death to the CB check! Easily one of the worst features of NHL '94.
  22. CHECKPOINT 3 - JANUARY 23RD, 2017 Missed Icestorm - 1 Strike Summary Chefstar - 1 Icestorm - 1 --------------------------------------------------------------------------- The next checkpoint is January 30th, 2017, and 24 games are required. Remember, hitting two consecutive checkpoints removes a strike!
  23. You can't have 30 second penalties. I will never play another game with penalties on. They are the worst thing ever.
  24. I have absolutely no interest in playing at this tournament.