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  1. Now that I reflect on it, 5 must be the limit. I do not think one player can get 2 penalties in one go (I have never seen it, anyway), and since goalies can't get penalized (even for brutal hits!), that leaves only 5 players on the ice that can get a call. (Less if you are shorthanded.) So, 3 must be rare. But I can't help but think -- like lightning striking 2x in the same spot -- on some rare occasion 4 and even 5 must have happened. Heck, here is a woman that won the lottery twice on the same day!
  2. I liked it better when you cast several votes by yourself. Also, didn't AngryJay win and refuse the trophy or something? And he is up again? Did Riddick Bowe get another WBC belt when he threw his first one in the trash? (I kid, AJ is a worthy nominee every year. Love that he is a top tier player and does the vids and other stuff to make others better.) And I love what Arda has done. He is in a unique position with his media ties and skills, which really benefits the community. But you gotta go with Chaos. If Chaos disappeared, it would be he equivalent of our little community
  3. Just played a Christmas' series vs Atomic. It was 1 1 in the second, game 7, and the whistle went indicating I took a penalty. But then a second one popped up a the same time. Then a 3rd. All of a sudden I had three simultaneous 2:00 PIMS. Was furious. Hate when this nonsense happens in a game 7. I have played many hundreds of hours, this *must* have happened to me before. But I can't remember it? Two simultaneous is not that rare, but 3? Anyone ever take 4? (Or, gulp!, more?)
  4. As for pre-calculating things, I don't think it is necessary. It would be a pretty simple formula to calculate things, so I don't think it would be advantage to do it ahead of time. Furthermore, there are quite a few variables, so it would be a ton of pre-calculated stuff which would defeat the purpose. (I could be wrong, or missing something. I am definitely not an expert in Assembly Language, which is what I know NHL94 and its ancestors were written in. But I just don't see the calculations taking much time.) On a weird tangent, when you take a shot that rings of the corner of the po
  5. Seems to me, when a shot is taken that "touches" the goalie, there is definitely a calculations that take into account shooting skill versus saving skill. That is, puck speed (which was based on initial Shot Power plus a random whiff factor) and especially Shot Accuracy, calculated against Goalie Skill (various attributes). Sometimes a high Shot Accuracy forward will score on a shot that looks identical to a low shot accuracy shot guy, where the latter does not score. Similarly, for goalies, shots will bounce off Roy and Eddie like they are made of stone, and sail right through Hrudey and
  6. Everyone is familiar with those crease cuts. Your opponent cuts across your crease, and your idiot goalie stacks his pads, leaving a yawning cage for an easy lay up. Sometimes you actually take control of your goalie in time, and yet (in what I consider a glitch) he flops right down all the same, even though you did not activate him stacking the pads. (If I took control, I want to have full control, dammit!) What is the best way to prevent these crease cuts, and swoops with similar effect? (That result in stacked pads, yawning cage.) Is it more about preventing them with your D-men? Or
  7. Yeah, thanks, and congrats!, Brutus! Season was excellent. I enjoy the WBF leagues more, and I think you had the right idea with a weighted draft. (I know it is more work.) Also, the short penalties are the way to go. (I am playing Classic now, and a 2:00 PIM with 5:00 periods seems insane.) Overall, very enjoyable, and your Commish effort is appreciated.
  8. I am sure the Commish will weigh in, but I think it is a minority that flat out won't use Retroarch. (And for them, they are probably having a tech problem with RA, just like you are for GENs, so it is not like they are just being grumpy.) I think > 80% of people can use either (but that is just a guess), which includes myself.
  9. Open your eyes, matey! The J&J profile was from only a few days ago. Jump in, and tell us your story.
  10. I did just host MikeG, and had a great connection. (My best ever with RA.) So I think Atomic has something screwy happening. We will keep looking into it.
  11. Atomic and I experience quick Desyncs when we try to play together. Either from start of game, or near start (within seconds). Both run Windows. Both have Port Forwarding (so Relay Off). Not sure how to troubleshoot it? (I will google, but thought someone might have insight?) Played GENs without issue after.
  12. Issue 4: On Mac in Fullscreen Mode, Hot Keys Not Responsive Fix: Fixed in RetroArch version 1.7.8+ On Windows, you can use the "F" hotkey to toggle in and out of fullscreen. Does not appear to work for everyone on a Mac. However, to scale your window you can use: MAIN MENU > SETTINGS > VIDEO and use the "Windowed Scale" settings to change the size of the screen.
  13. Issue 3: SNES "Multitap" Message During Netplay In Netplay, after connecting, you get an in-game screen message "Multitap 5 needs to be connected to Player # 2" - For some reason, RetroArch thinks there's a multi-tap connected to Player 1. To fix go to: QUICK MENU > CONTROLS and change the Player 1 to "SNES Joypad". One or both players may need to do this. Return to the game and it should work fine.
  14. Issue 2: Jumpy Video in Win10 To check your monitor refresh rate - Set this to 60Hz. Jumpy Video and Stuttering Audio go hand in hand. It is usually due to the estimated refresh rate being too low, compared to what the monitor is set to run at. Please see Issue 8 below.
  15. Issue 1: No Audio while ROM is playing BETTER FIX: dsound audio driver stinks. Please use the xaudio driver: MAIN MENU -> SETTINGS -> DRIVER Change the "Audio Driver" to "xaudio" (if you haven't touched it, this is the default setting). Start a ROM, if you have no sound, exit RA and install the following Microsoft package - Microsoft DirectX Runtime Package - NOTE in the 1.8.5 package, this is included. Go into the RetroArch-1.8.5 folder and look for the DirectX Installer folder. Run the application in there (need internet access) Once installed, start
  16. "Tips and Troubleshooting" Cheat Sheet These are some issues and some fixes for RetroArch. The fixes and more details are in the messages below. TROUBLESHOOTING No Audio Issue Win10 Jumpy Video see Issue 8 SNES "Multitap" Netplay Issue Mac Fullscreen/Hotkey Issues fixed in 1.7.9+ "Slow Motion" Video "Black Flicker" Issue fixed in 1.7.9+ No longer a problem with 1.7.9+ Audio/Video Stuttering and Poor Framerates Please share your short tips and tweaks in the thread below! We want to cover as many situations as possible, and buil
  17. This is not going to be helpful at all, but I couldn't help but think of quantum theory and parallel universes... could it be that somehow different realities were overlapping and interfering with one another? Like, maybe RA conjures up some sort of intersecting wormholes? (It is beta, after all.) (Sorry, please disregard this message. Couldn't help myself.)
  18. jackandjose - GENS Name, age, occupation, location Judd, 47, small business owner(lawn and landscape), Fort Collins, Colorado What hobbies or other interests do you have? Climbing the mountains of Colorado is my passion. I also play hockey(ice and inline), table tennis and racquetball. When did you get introduced to the game NHL'94? How did it happen? Started playing 93 in college and then of course 94. I don't remember how I was introduced, but I played hockey and owned a Sega so I think it was inevitable. Never really played that much though. Love
  19. Hi and welcome! Here is help getting online: Test Games and Getting Connected! And here is a Guide for New Members I wrote that covers a ton of stuff.
  20. On my setup it is a toggle: "F" goes fullscreen, "F" exits fullscreen.
  21. Here is more feedback. Got it going again after many months, with latest install files. Installation was pretty easy. But could not Relay Server Netplay connect with GoCanes21 at all. He could do so to me, but we had a desync. So I had him direct connect to me (I do port forwarding), and it felt better, and we got one solid exi in. During the exi, it feels waaay smoother. Yet, I feel it is less responsive. Even though it looks better, my button clicks felt slightly "off". We did not tweak any settings, so maybe this could be improved. Anyway, that is my latest experience.
  22. Icestorm - GENS 1. Name, age, occupation, location? Mark M., 48, Financial Operations Manager 2. What hobbies or other interests do you have? Camping, nhl94, hiking, traveling 3. When did you get introduced to the game NHL'94? How did it happen? College early 90's played the entire EA series 4. When did you get introduced to and the online community? Were you playing between these two dates? (That is, between first becoming aware of game, and first becoming aware of June 2007. Local radio station WGR550 in Buffalo one day played the NHL94 theme
  23. Bob Kudelski - SNES 1. Name, age, occupation, location? Adam G, 38, Ottawa Agriculture regulatory specialist with Canadian government. 2. What hobbies or other interests do you have? Movies. I rate every movie I ever watch from 1-10. Some of my favourites are Total Recall, Major League, Drive, Army of Darkness, American Psycho, Casino Royale, The Departed, Kids, Brigsby Bear, Pineapple Express, Out of the Furnace, There Will be Blood, Pan’s Labyrinth. Also, TV, podcasts, live comedy, board games, pizza, sour beers, all things Star Wars, hockey, softball, x-country ski, hiking,
  24. Heh! If we get a bunch more, I'll do one. It is funny, I joined the forum in 2005 (or 2006?) but I wasn't part of the community until Kof94 I in Toronto. That is when I jumped in and played online. So really I still sort of feel like a new guy around here.
  25. This one just came in and is hot off the presses! Chaos - GENS 1. Name, age, occupation, location? John G, 37, Field Service Engineer (Electron Microscopes), New Jersey 2. What hobbies or other interests do you have? Video games, console mods, tinkering with electronics, football, hockey. I play G on a roller hockey team. I have a ton of old video game consoles in my garage. 3. When did you get introduced to the game NHL'94? How did it happen? When it was released, I was in 6th grade. I didn't start playing it until around 8th grade and on. My friends and I used to go out