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  1. Hey everyone, is there a controller command in NHL 94 that takes you out of a game in progress and to the home screen? It would be nice to know if there is one so I don't have to either restart RetroArch or play out the game. Thanks!
  2. There's an amazing board game on Kickstarter right now called "Trick Shot". I may back it myself! http://kck.st/2Wv0FLM
  3. Hey guys so here are what I believe are final designs for both the GENS and SNES tiers. A big thanks to Halifax for guidance tiering out the SNES teams. Also, a big thanks to everyone for putting up with me while I blow up this thread with a bunch of stuff. I hope you like them!
  4. It was really tough to try to create overlap with the SNES for some reason. I like the overlapping tiers as well...what’s neat is I feel like the teams that are in them raise up or drop down not by stats but by how the player uses them. For example, for the Genesis the Canucks are in that Tier 1/2 overlap...but I play as them much better than when I play as the Blackhawks. So for me I definitely put them in Tier 1, but somebody else may stick Vancouver in Tier 2. I’ll keep working on the SNES design...it’s not quite there yet.
  5. Perfect, this is exactly what I'm looking for. Thanks, Bob! I'll revisit my design next week and submit the changes.
  6. Ok guys here is my preliminary design for the SNES team rankings. I am very open to suggestion about team placement. I was thinking of making only DET and LA Tier 1 but I felt like the other teams were close enough to make it in there as well. I don't know much about SNES play so please let me know if I messed anything up terribly. Thanks!
  7. Thank you, segathon! I really enjoy designing and its even more fun when I can make something that I'm interested in. If people enjoy this I'll make a SNES one as well.
  8. Hey everyone! I had posted something on the NHL FB page but didn't know if everyone is on that so I'll add it here as well. I had noticed that through all of the amazing team analysis there wasn't really any graphic representation of the teams "tiers". I designed a visual aid to go along with the number crunching. I know that we all will not agree 100% on which teams belong where, especially in the middle tiers, but I thought it would be fun to share. I hope you enjoy it and let me know what you think! ***P.S.*** These tiers are for the Genesis. I haven't gotten to the SNES rankings.
  9. I just recently started streaming as well! I'll be focusing on none other than NHL 94. My twitch is https://www.twitch.tv/scatterbrainzz. I'll be sure to give you a follow!
  10. Hey everyone, Scatterbrainzz here saying hello from Green Bay, WI! I have really been enjoying the emulator and this community....I've only been practicing against the computer but once I get the courage I'll start playing some online matches.
  11. Hey, everyone! Just wanted to say I'm really excited to get back into this great game. I'm from Green Bay, WI and hoping to grow a NHL 94 community here.
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